Mobile WMS for

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/AX

Optimize Your Warehouse Processes

Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory supports the work processes in the warehouse and integrates with the standard functions of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation and Dynamics AX.

It features a stunning graphical user interface that is easy to use and can be configured to fit the needs of the individual user. Your warehouse employees will be more efficient and make fewer mistakes as Mobile WMS provides the tools and information needed to work effectively.

Adaptable, Tailored To Your Needs

Installation and support of the solution is easy as it is directly integrated with the standard features of Dynamics 365 FO/AX. All versions are supported.

The standard functionality covers the needs of most companies, but sometimes a special work process needs a special solution. Mobile WMS has been designed so it can easily be extended with custom functionality. All modifications are made directly in the ERP system.

Offline Functionality Is a major cost saver if complete WiFi coverage is a challenge Request a Demo
Easy to Use Work efficiently with a focus on the task - not the software Get a Quote
Integrates to Standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 for FO/AX and Dynamics 365 BC/NAV Contact Us
Mobile WMS

Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX


Register and control received items. Supports batch-/serial numbers and expiry dates.


Picking of single or consolidated orders.


Perform planned counts and tag counts. 


Look-up the location, the available quantity and the product data of an item.


Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.


Print labels from your mobile device

* printer license required


Show your history of label prints and make reprints. 


Show license plates in a specific location and perform unplanned license plate transfer. Show items on a license plate.


Create new pallet ID and assign pallet type and location.

Mobile WMS

Available in more than 18 languages

Chinese Czech Dutch
Danish English Estonian
Finnish Flemish French
German Japanese Italian
Norwegian Polish Portugese
Russian Spanish Swedish

Supported Versions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 (RTM)

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

Why Choose

Mobile WMS

Offline Functionality

Mobile WMS makes it possible to perform core work processes without a network connection. The result is a reliable solution with great performance.

Integrates to Standard

Mobile WMS is 100% integrated with standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX. All versions are supported.

Easy to Customize

Mobile WMS has been designed so it can easily be extended with custom functionality. All modifications are made in Dynamics 365 BC/NAV and 365 FO/AX.

User-Friendly Interface

Mobile WMS is developed with focus on minimizing “clicks” and irrelevant information. The end users will spend minimal time on training.

Mobile WMS


Most certainly, yes. Multiple aspects within your warehouse should influence your choice of scanners (mobile computers). You might need to use the scanners in cold storage, do long-range scanning, or operate the scanners in environments with explosion hazards. We have the needed expertise to guide you through the process of selecting the right hardware for your business’ needs.

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A standard implementation of Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 BC/NAV or Dynamics 365 FO/AX can be completed in as little as 2 days. This requires that warehouse management has been set up in your ERP system beforehand.

Feel free to contact us to get a demo 

Mobile WMS is sold primarily through a global network of certified Microsoft Partners. One of the advantages this offers you, as an end-user, is that you will always have access to support from a variety of different providers.

You can find an overview of Certified Mobile WMS Partners here

The Mobile WMS Solution

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