The Pick-Feature in Mobile WMS Enables You to Reduce Picking Errors


With our Pick-feature, you can pick directly on sales orders or picklist registrations. Additionally, you can also pick production orders, transfer orders, and purchase return orders.

The great advantage to you is that you can sort your picking order lines to ensure that you always go by the most ideal picking route.

The Pick-Feature in Mobile WMS Supports:

  • ensuring the most ideal picking route for you
  • multiple languages based on the configuration of your ERP-platform
  • visually illustrating the items on your picking lines

Reduce Picking Errors with Images of Your Items on Picking Lines and Language Management in Mobile WMS

If you need Mobile WMS to use the same language that the individual employee is already utilizing, this is possible as well. You can find more information regarding the languages we support here: Languages. Mobile WMS simply follows the way the individual user is set up in your financial system.

As an extra feature to support effective picking in the warehouse, it is possible to get a visual illustration of your items on your picking lists. With the help of Show Image, the image can be enlarged to show more details (full screen).

If you have already set up your items with batch numbers and serial numbers, but need extended item tracking, Mobile WMS also supports that. This ensures that you can always track your item’s journey, as well as a potential revocation of defective items.

Customize Your Menu in Mobile WMS

With Mobile WMS it is easy for new employees to pick the correct items based on a predefined location. This makes you less vulnerable in periods with seasonal employees, illness, or other forms of rotations.

In case you have favorite features in relation to picking and need to quickly be able to access these, you can add these menu items at the bottom of the page.

Below every feature, we have positioned the most popular shortcuts, and you can customize this menu based on your requirements.

An Intuitive and User-Friendly WMS-platform That is Easy to Use for Your Warehouse Employees

The user-friendly and intuitive user interface ensures quick user adoption, and new employees can get started without any significant training.

One of the results of a user-friendly picking feature is that the correct items are shipped to the correct customers in the correct quantity and in a timely manner. All of which adds to customer satisfaction and customer retention, and at the same time reduces costly faulty deliveries.

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