Automating Warehouse Counts with the Feature Count in Mobile WMS

Count feature in Mobile WMS on a mobile computer from Honeywell
Count Orders in Mobile WMS
Count Order Lines in Mobile WMS
Location of Count Order Lines in Mobile WMS
Quantity of Order Lines in Count feature in Mobile WMS


One of the most resource-intensive tasks in the warehouse is the annual inventory count.

Count in Mobile WMS Supports:

  • automating the count procedures in the warehouse
  • reducing errors
  • inventory counts based on the preferences of your business
  • planned and unplanned counts

Obtain Great Financial Gains by Automating Your Warehouse Counts with Mobile WMS

If you are currently performing your warehouse counts manually with pen and paper, you can obtain great financial gains, as well as save time by automating these processes. Imagine that you must first register the inventory count on a printed list from your financial system, and you then have to manually enter this number. This type of process is very error-prone and requires subsequent monitoring and accounting.

The frequency of needed counts does, of course, vary from business to business. With Mobile WMS, you can perform your counts when it suits you.

Perform Planned and Unplanned Counts of Your Inventory

With Mobile WMS, you can perform planned as well as unplanned counts. A planned count is first set up in your financial system and sent to the mobile device in the form of a counting journal before the actual count can begin. When the count has been completed on the mobile device, the result is sent back to your financial system. Before the final posting is done, you can perform a validation of the result.

The Unplanned Count, on the other hand, can be performed without any form of preparation. The advantage of this type of count is that you can quickly adjust the inventory count when and if you discover a discrepancy. We usually refer to this type of count as an ad-hoc count.

You Decide How Often to do Inventory Counts – Mobile WMS Makes Inventory Counts Easy and Flexible

Whatever your strategy for inventory counts looks like, Mobile WMS can support it. This applies regardless of whether your items have been set up to be counted once a month, once a quarter, semi-annually, or annually.

By default, the system has been set up to do “blind counts” so that the expected quantity from the financial system is not displayed on the mobile device. This type of count has a clear advantage in that the system requires an actual quantity to be entered. The system does, however, provide the flexibility to change this and show the expected quantity, should you prefer so. This is all administrated via a parameter setup in your financial system.

You also have the option to add an unforeseen item which is not registered on your pre-defined counting list. This can be done directly on the mobile device and immediately when the difference is observed.

We all know that errors in your count process can have negative financial consequences for your business. That is why the count feature is one of the terrific gains of investing in Mobile WMS.

Associated Functionality 

Mobile WMS

Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM/FO/AX


Register and control received items. Supports batch-/serial numbers and expiry dates.


Picking of single or consolidated orders.


Perform planned counts and tag counts. 


Look-up the location, the available quantity and the product data of an item.


Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.


Print labels from your mobile device

* printer license required


Show your history of label prints and make reprints. 


Show license plates in a specific location and perform unplanned license plate transfer. Show items on a license plate.


Create new pallet ID and assign pallet type and location.

Unplanned Cart Move


Perform unplanned movements of multiple items.

110X110 Production Mobile WMS BC NAV


Report items as finished jobs.