Obtain Information About Contents in the Warehouse with Location Content in Mobile WMS

Location Content feature in Mobile WMS on a mobile computer from Zebra
Choosing location to see content in Mobile WMS
Location Content overview in Mobile WMS

Location Content

In a warehouse, it is significantly important that you always have a complete overview of your locations and your items.

Mobile WMS allows you to obtain information about the exact contents of a specific location in your warehouse.

Location Content in Mobile WMS Supports:

  • information about relevant data regarding location content
  • a quick overview of the item’s status – for instance, if it has been reserved
  • displaying images to make recognizing your items easy

Get the Complete Overview of Your Locations and Items

With just a single scan of your location labels, you can obtain relevant data regarding the location content. It could be data regarding quantity, size, batch number, serial numbers, etc.

In addition to this, you can also see which items have been reserved for other orders. It could be sales orders, production orders, transfer orders, etc.

You can also see a miniature image of your items. If your images are not already found in your financial system, you can simply take a photo with your mobile device, for instance, as part of your receiving process. The image is automatically transferred from the item card in your financial system. In case you have a PIM system (Product Information Management system) in which your images are archived, these can easily be imported to your financial system and displayed on the mobile device.

If the miniature image on the order line does not provide a sufficient level of detail, you can also access an enlarged image with the feature Show Image. Typically, images are larger files. This has, of course, been considered, and all miniature images have only been uploaded in a limited resolution to be used for display on the mobile device. The actual process of uploading the images is done in the background and without any interference with the general use of the mobile device.

What Do You Do if Your Barcode Is Defective and Cannot Be Scanned?

If a barcode on your location is defective or unreadable, you can enter the location manually. As an extra feature, you also have the option to initiate the print of a new barcode via the scanner using the Print feature. That way, you can maintain your location barcodes ad-hoc.

In case you need to find a specific item, which could be placed in other locations, this is also possible. From the shortcut menu, you would simply choose Locate Item. This feature provides access to information about where the requested item is otherwise placed.

Location Content in Mobile WMS Provides an Overview of The Total Quantity of Items

Location Content can also be used with great advantage before you, for instance, need to perform an Unplanned Move. The benefit here is that you, prior to completing your move, will get information about the total quantity of the respective item that is registered in your financial system. In case of discrepancies, these will be noticed before you move the item. You can then use the feature Unplanned Count to correct the error immediately.

This type of feature is often referred to as a look-up feature, which is just one of many useful features in Mobile WMS.

Associated Functionality 

Mobile WMS

Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM/FO/AX


Register and control received items. Supports batch-/serial numbers and expiry dates.


Picking of single or consolidated orders.


Perform planned counts and tag counts. 


Look-up the location, the available quantity and the product data of an item.


Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.


Print labels from your mobile device

* printer license required


Show your history of label prints and make reprints. 


Show license plates in a specific location and perform unplanned license plate transfer. Show items on a license plate.


Create new pallet ID and assign pallet type and location.

Unplanned Cart Move


Perform unplanned movements of multiple items.

110X110 Production Mobile WMS BC NAV


Report items as finished jobs.