About Us

We Empower People to Perform

What We Are All About

At Tasklet, our single greatest mission is to empower others to perform.

We have developed a digital and mobile WMS solution to give warehouse employees worldwide the best possible basis for succeeding in their daily work. The functionality of our solution is built to create more efficient and smoother-running warehouses – to give people the power to perform every single day.

Tasklet Mobile WMS is a mobile barcode scanning solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. Our application helps companies optimize warehouse processes by delivering the absolute best solutions through user-friendly interfaces, easy customization, flawless ERP integration, on/offline functionality, and brilliant service.

We've developed Tasklet Mobile WMS through our years of experience working with 1,500+ customers worldwide to solve problems in their day-to-day operations. Helping them save time, eliminate errors, and become more efficient.

We're based in Denmark and the United States, with Microsoft partners worldwide supporting us in implementing our solutions.

Company Narrative

Everything we do must empower people to perform

We believe that every employee in every warehouse should be empowered to provide world-class service. Our contribution is to provide business-critical warehouse solutions complemented by indispensable insights, and supreme service.

We have the heart to care and the courage to dare

This entails always putting people over profit and – with ingenuity and integrity – challenging both ourselves, our partners, and our customers to do better. We do this by listening carefully to understand their challenges before recommending the best solution.

We have the insight and experience to keep it simple, and the courage to make it happen. We do it together. And we have fun doing it.

We make warehouses work, people perform, and businesses grow

... by providing a business-critical, mobile warehouse management system with user-friendly interfaces, easy customization, flawless ERP integration, and caring support. Simple as that, really.