Locate Your Items with the Locate Item-Feature in Mobile WMS

Locate Item

Being able to find the correct items in your warehouse is critical. You might be familiar with the vulnerable situation where you have gotten too dependent on experienced employees, who know exactly where all items are located. The challenge occurs when the employee is no longer with the company, or in other ways is unavailable in the warehouse.

Locate Item in Mobile WMS Supports:

  • enabling you to easily locate items for picking
  • identifying the correct location for an item that has been misplaced by mistake
  • information about the total quantity of items
  • information about the availability of items – for instance, if an item has been reserved

This is Why You Should Invest in a Warehouse Scanning Solution

The feature Locate Item makes it possible for you to locate a specific item for a sales order as well as for a production order.

It will also be beneficial for you in the case that an item has been misplaced in the wrong location by mistake, and you then need to identify the correct location for the item. With a single scan, you will get information about the item’s correct location, and you can then place it where it belongs.

Imagine that you are picking up an item from the floor in the warehouse and that you cannot immediately see other items of the same type on any of your shelves. With Locate Item you will quickly know where the item should be placed.

One single scan of an item label will provide a variety of relevant data about the item, including quantity, size, color, and style, unit of measure, batch-number, and serial-number, as well as locations.

You can also see if the item has been reserved for another order, such as a sales order, production order, transfer order, etc.

The Visual Illustration with Miniature Images in the Locate Item-Feature Reduces Errors

It is also possible to see a miniature image of your items. The image is automatically retrieved from the item card in your financial system. In case there is not yet an image saved on the item card, you can easily take a picture of the respective item with the feature Register Item Image, for instance when you are receiving the item. Should you have an external PIM-system (Product Information Management system), in which your item images are archived, these can easily be imported into your financial system and then be displayed on the mobile device.

In case the miniature image on each line does not provide sufficient details, you can display a larger image with the feature Show Image. Typically, images are larger files. We have solved this by only uploading a low-resolution version of the image to be shown on the mobile device. The actual process of uploading the images happens in the background and without any kind of interference in the general use of the mobile device.

If the barcode on your item is unreadable or defective, you can also key in the item number manually. As an extra feature, you can also initiate the print of a new item label on the scanner using the Print-feature. That way you can maintain your barcodes ad-hoc.

Utilize Locate Item in Mobile WMS Before Unplanned Moves and Avoid Errors

Locate Item can also be utilized before you, for instance, need to perform an Unplanned Move. The advantage is that before you complete your move, can get information about the total quantity of a specific item that is registered in your financial system. Potential discrepancies will then be noticed prior to moving the item, and you can use the Unplanned Count feature to correct the error immediately.

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