Make your warehouse mobile with Tasklet WMS

Simple Warehouse Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM

Looking for a Simple and User-Friendly WMS for MS Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management?

A Warehouse Management System – WMS – is critical to any business looking to reduce errors, keep costs in line, and increase efficiency within warehouse operations. It is all about removing complexity. A serious challenge in an area loaded with inter-connected processes, varying interfaces, and business-critical stakeholders.

At Tasklet, we embrace that challenge and have developed Mobile WMS as the user-friendly and straightforward alternative to the extensive and configuration-heavy Warehouse Management module (WHS/WAX) in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX. Tasklet Mobile WMS is a data collection tool that integrates directly with the good old standard WMS functions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX - formerly known as Finance & Operations/FO. It is easy to implement and supports all your warehousing needs out-of-the-box like:

  • Receive
  • Report as Finished
  • Count
  • Move
  • Pick

…and many more. All done on a mobile barcode scanner in the hands of your warehouse workers. On top of the standard functionality, you get license plates, photo documentation, unplanned cart moves, and more.

Need a simple and flexible system to reduce errors and boost performance in your warehouse? Get an overview of the benefits in our compare sheet.

Receive feature in Mobile WMS on a mobile computer from Honeywell
Count feature in Mobile WMS on a mobile computer from Honeywell
Negative Adjustment feature in Mobile WMS on a mobile computer from Honeywell

Say Goodbye to Pen and Paper - And Reduce Errors in Your Warehouse

Using a mobile barcode scanner and Tasklet Mobile WMS software, you can do your warehouse registrations on the move. Perhaps you still rely on the heavy manual process of ticking and writing warehouse data on paper sheets before going to a PC to type in the exact same data into your ERP system? If this is the case, you also know that handling warehouse operations entail a significant risk of errors like item misplacements, incorrect inventory counts, and wrong shipments.

With Tasklet Mobile WMS:

  • Your warehouse workers are guided, and their actions are controlled, validated, and logged as the mobile barcode scanner shows them exactly which items to handle and how.

  • Everything is posted directly into Microsoft D365 for SCM from the device – whether you receive items from a supplier, count stock, track and move items in your warehouse, or pick items for a sales order.

Leaving pen and paper behind in favour of Tasklet Mobile WMS, you are not only removing complexity. You are avoiding it.

Get Your Warehouse Mobile in as Little as 2 Days

Tasklet Mobile WMS can be up and running in as little as two days, with all the warehouse essentials right out of the box. In contrast to the many-faceted implementation of the Advanced Warehouse Management (WHS/WAX) module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX, you can expect the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS to be a simple set of tasks instead of an extensive and expensive project. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the solution work wonders for the general user adaption of the solution and ensures a bunch of benefits:

  • A quick ramp-up of warehouse employees as they will need very little or no training. Yes, Tasklet Mobile WMS is that intuitive!

  • Valuable hands-on experience in the early stages of implementation and development.

  • End-users will have influence and take ownership from day one. Your entire team will love how Mobile WMS makes their work easier!

What to Choose – A Simple or Advanced Warehouse Management Set Up?

How you manage your warehouse in Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX depends on your needs and your organizational characteristics.

WHS/WAX that comes with the Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management package offers detailed control of all transactions in your warehouse but entails extensive implementation, need for internal expertise, and heavy processes. A more standardized solution focusing on simplicity and efficiency is a much better choice for many companies.

Maybe you found the 400-page long setup guide for Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX overcomplicated? Or maybe what was supposed to be a free mobile WMS in Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management turned out to be more extensive than you expected and way more than the standard solution you were asking for?

Your Business Is Special – Tailor Your Warehouse Management System (WMS)

You get a lot out of the box features with Tasklet Mobile WMS. But in case your business processes are not covered by the built-in features, the solution is easy to extend. With extensions, you can customize your solution to fit your specialized and specific requirements without considering this a new development project.

The Low Code or No Code approach to our solution ensures that you can keep the implementation time and cost when implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS at a minimum. Tasklet has simplicity at the core.

So, do you need a user-friendly and simple mobile WMS solution for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management/AX? And do you find that the Advanced Warehouse Management module (WAX/WHS) is overkill according to your requirements?

Feel free to reach out to us for a demo and sparring session on how to drastically reduce errors and boost performance in your warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS

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