Reporting as Finished using Production Orders in Mobile WMS

Production Order

Are you manufacturing products and need to produce a specific product, create a production order in your business system. The production order can be created manually, or it can be created based on a net requirement calculation (MRP).

The production order includes information about what must be produced and when it must be finished.

A production order will be automatically released to the mobile device when it is started. The warehouse or manufacturing worker can then begin making registrations on the order.

Production orders in Mobile WMS support among other things:

  • necessary information about items used in the specific production order
  • automatic release in the business system to the mobile device of the worker
  • report as finished on job id’s
  • print labels during report as finished

Necessary information about Production Orders

With Mobile WMS you can get the exact information required about items used in your production order. The solution is flexible regarding the picking of items. You can make partial picks, or you can pick only the items required for the first phase of your production process. On a continuous basis, you can pick items until you have completed the order. Pick-function can be accessed from the main menu in Mobile WMS.

A production order can have multiple operations. For example, operations like punching, chamfer, painting, and assembly. It can be purposeful to report as finished per operation. In your business system, you have a route to describe your operations. The items used in these operations can be specified to a specific operation and this will be stated on the picking list. This means that when you create and release your production order, you can utilize the jobs that have been created for the individual operations. By using Mobile WMS you can make, report as finished, on a job ID level, and then receive the information into your business system on a continuous basis about the status of the progress on the operations.

Need labels during Reporting as Finished on a Production Order?

Do you need to print labels at the same time you, report as finished on a production order? This can now be configured in your business system with the Print-function in Mobile WMS. This is made to simplify complexity during setup and in use. In practice, this means that when you make a report as finished registration at the same time you will also specify how many labels you need. This way you can easily print labels to put on your newly produced products, so they are ready to be delivered to the finished goods inventory.

Associated Functionality