Easy Adjustments of Your Inventory With Inventory Adjustment in Mobile WMS

Inventory Adjustment feature in Mobile WMS
Inventory Adjustment Journals in Mobile WMS
Inventory Adjustment Lines in Mobile WMS
Regulation of Inventory Adjustment Lines in Mobile WMS

Inventory Adjustment

You can have multiple reasons for inventory adjustments. With Mobile WMS, it is possible to either make inventory adjustments to the positive side or make negative adjustments directly from your mobile device.

You have the option to make multiple inventory adjustment journals, and the choice of the journal will clearly state what the reason for your positive or negative adjustment is.

Inventory Adjustment in Mobile WMS supports:

  • positive and negative adjustments of the inventory
  • option to visually document the reason for the adjustment by using photos
  • approval of inventory adjustment journals is done from your business system

Documentation of inventory adjustment

Imagine that you have dropped an item on the floor or your item has expired; therefore, you need to make a negative adjustment to your inventory. From the mobile device, you will have access to choose the inventory adjustment journal that matches your reason for that adjustment.

You will benefit from using the Locate Item to investigate if the item is located in other locations or to check if it has expired in other locations as well to include in the inventory adjustment you are about to make.

Should you need to make further documentation to support your case with the positive or negative adjustment, e.g., you can make use of the camera on the mobile device to take photos of the damaged item and attach these with the inventory adjustment journal.

Inventory Adjustment Journals per Reason for Adjustment

You can, from the mobile device, create an inventory adjustment journal and subsequently select the right journal type that fits your requirement. After this, you begin creating the lines you need. During the creation of the lines, you just scan your item barcodes and location barcodes.

We have obviously made sure that the journal is not posted directly from the mobile device. It has to be approved first from the business system. The manager in charge of this process will approve and post the journal from the business system.

Should you require to post it directly from the mobile device, then you have to change a parameter in Mobile WMS from within your business system.

The immediate advantage of handling your nonconformances directly from the mobile device is that the registrations are handled right away, and you don’t have to remember to do this when you eventually return to a computer. This saves a lot of wasted time by not having to walk back and forth between the computer and eventually wait time in front of the computer if there are many users on the same computer.

Associated Functionality 

Mobile WMS

Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM/FO/AX


Register and control received items. Supports batch-/serial numbers and expiry dates.


Picking of single or consolidated orders.


Perform planned counts and tag counts. 


Look-up the location, the available quantity and the product data of an item.


Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.


Print labels from your mobile device

* printer license required


Show your history of label prints and make reprints. 


Show license plates in a specific location and perform unplanned license plate transfer. Show items on a license plate.


Create new pallet ID and assign pallet type and location.

Unplanned Cart Move


Perform unplanned movements of multiple items.

110X110 Production Mobile WMS BC NAV


Report items as finished jobs.