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Combine several components of and order with the Assembly Order feature in Mobile WMS
Overview in the Assembly Orders feature in Mobile WMS
Assembly Order Lines in the Assembly Orders feature on a mobile computer from Zebra
Creating Assembly Orders with Mobile WMS on your hardware from Zebra
Enter the quantity of items in the assembly order in Mobile WMS for BC/NAV

Assembly Orders

With Assembly in Mobile WMS, it has never been easier to register the entire assembly process, from combining several components to registering the output and adding the assembled items to the inventory.

The Assembly feature in Mobile WMS is for companies who use or are about to use the assembly function in Business Central but need a tool to simplify registrations.

In Business Central, Assembly Orders are used to create items that consist of multiple components. Assembly orders differ from other order types because they involve both output and consumption when posting. The Assembly function is ideal for companies who want to create items by combining components in simple processes but without more advanced functionality.

Mobile WMS supports both "Assemble to Order" and "Assemble to Stock"; however, the Assembly feature is intended only for "Assemble to Stock". "Assemble to Stock" is typically used when preparing for a campaign, and you want to assemble items ahead of sales and add the items to your inventory.

Using Mobile WMS, you can now register the entire assembly process directly on the floor in the assembly area utilizing only a mobile device without using the ERP client.


Assembly in Tasklet Mobile WMS Supports:

  • Creating items consisting of multiple components
  • Creating new Assembly Orders directly from the mobile device
  • Registering both output and consumption when posting


Assembly in Tasklet Mobile WMS

This video will show you how to use the Assembly Module in the Mobile WMS solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. With the Assembly Module in Mobile WMS, you can now use a mobile device to register the entire process when combining components into one item.


Assembling Orders Allows Flexibility in the Composition of Components

An excellent example of the usage of Assembly Orders could be a company selling dinner set. They have a 12-piece dinner set consisting of 4 large plates, 4 small plates, and 4 bowls. Each component in the dinner set can be sold individually, and there is also a more extensive 24-piece dinner sets.

From a warehouse perspective, the items stored in the warehouse are:

  • Large plates
  • Small plates
  • Bowls
  • 12-piece box
  • 24-piece box

The dinner set company has a limited set of components but would like to give their customers the possibility to order both the individual parts and the sets. They can achieve this by delaying the assembly of the sets until an order for them is placed.


Get an Easy Overview of Your Assembly Orders

Tasklet Mobile WMS allows the warehouse worker to see planned Assembly Orders and even create new Assembly Orders directly from the mobile device. The warehouse worker can easily adjust the number of items to assemble. The order may be for ten items, but this can be adjusted if there is only time to make two.

The components to pick are adjusted to match the number of items to produce. The warehouse worker can see the bins where he or she can find the individual components. At the end of the process, the warehouse worker tells the system where the assembled items are stored.

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Mobile WMS

Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



Register and control received items. Supports lot-/serial numbers and expiry dates.

Put Away


Assign a bin to the received items.



Picking of single or consolidated orders.



Perform planned, unplanned, and bulk movements of items.

Unplanned Move


Perform unplanned movements of items.

Bulk Move


Perform unplanned bulk movements. Allows you to move all from one bin to another.



Perform planned counts. 

Unplanned Count


Perform unplanned counts.

Adjust Quantity


Complete a negative adjustment and provide a reason code.

Bin Content


Look-up the content of a warehouse bin.

Locate Item


Look-up the bin, the available quantity, and the product data of an item.

Item Dimension


Add or maintain unit of measure codes, including quantity per unit, measurements, and weight of an item.

Item Cross Reference


Associate or add a barcode to an existing item.

Substitute Item


Scan an item barcode and look-up substitute items.

Print Label


Print labels from the mobile device.
*Cloud Print license required



Perform shipment of your items from the mobile device.



Use the camera on your mobile device to attach pictures in the work process or create item images.

110X110 Production Mobile WMS BC NAV


Report consumption, output, and time on released production orders.



Report consumption and output on assembly orders.

Pack And Ship


Finish packing and shipping directly from the mobile device.