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Achieves 50% increase in Efficiency in Harvest and Tagging Process with Mobile WMS

Goodmark Nurseries has left behind the old-school pen-and-paper method and embraced the power of Tasklet Mobile WMS. Thanks to this cutting-edge scanner solution, the nursery has achieved an impressive 50% increase in efficiency in their harvest and tagging process, enabling them to complete their harvest two weeks ahead of schedule and increase production by 25%. Moreover, they were able to expand their operations from 500 to 720 acres without requiring additional labor. 

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An outdated ERP system and manual and paper-based process.

No live status on inventory and tagging items was a big challenge.

Employees had to wait for a manager for answers to simple questions. 

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Implementing MS Dynamics 365 Business Central and Tasklet Mobile WMS.

Digital advisory and access to live data.

The implementation went seamless, and people were able to pick up on the new device fast.

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25% increase in production in the year they implemented Tasklet Mobile WMS without hiring additional staff.

Harvest and tagging process ended 2 weeks earlier than planned.

Increase in work satisfaction from employees having a device that makes them more efficient.

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Effortless Business Central Integration: Streamlining Operations with Tasklet Mobile WMS 

Prior to implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS, Goodmark Nurseries was using what President John Terhesh describes as “an archaic ERP system and pen and paper.” Consequently, Goodmark wasn’t able to get real-time information about the inventory status that they needed. Any changes that would happen out in the field had to be written down, brought back to the office, and entered manually into the old ERP system so the customers could see the inventory status.

John Terhesh explains why the company decided to go with Tasklet for their warehouse management setup: “We were on a very industry-specific ERP system that did not grow or change with the industry, so our first challenge was moving to a new ERP where we chose Business Central. We were looking for a way to automate a “live” inventory, which was when our Dynamics 365 partner presented Tasklet Factory as a solution that could accomplish the inventory management and it worked out fantastic.”

"This allows us to be more organized and has created efficiency in our picking process."
John Terhesh, President, Goodmark Nurseries
"With Tasklet, we are able to assemble orders quicker because we always know where the items are for an order."
John Terhesh, President, Goodmark Nurseries
"We have become so much more efficient that we were able to expand production rapidly over the last 2 years."
John Terhesh, President, Goodmark Nurseries
"We now have the ability to look up all information we need through the scanner, determine at any time what inventory is tagged and where it is."
John Terhesh, President, Goodmark Nurseries
"For us to be up and running so quickly and working so well is almost a miracle."

Results of Quick and Seamless WMS Implementation Was “Almost a Miracle”

John emphasizes that the implementation experience with Tasklet was seamless: “For us to be up and running so quickly and working so well is almost a miracle.” Despite initial concerns about possible resistance from the field personnel during training of the new work processes, they quickly realized that Tasklet was user-friendly and easy to use. "We experienced zero issues with training personnel, and within the first few days, any resistance to using handhelds went away," John explains.

The new WMS solution has in fact led to increased job satisfaction for the staff. With Tasklet, workers have access to real-time data, allowing them to get the answers they need without having to wait for a manager. “Our employees really appreciate not having to go to a manager with a question and wait for the answer,” John says. 

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Real-time Data Provides Oversight of Entire Process, a 25% Increase in Sales and Labor Savings

Goodmark Nurseries especially liked that they were able to track their entire process and that they could use the scanner to allocate the trees into a harvest “bin” and harvest orders from their devices with real-time, accurate information: “This allows us to be more organized and has created efficiency in our picking process. We are able to assemble orders quicker because we always know where the items are for an order”, John explains.

The implementation has enabled them to increase their production by 25% without needing to hire more labor: “We have gone from growing 40,000 trees annually to 50,000. All trees run through a ten-acre yard, so you can imagine the labor savings, because we’re able to cover so much ground, capturing data in handhelds versus reporting counts, damages, etc. via pen and paper, walking back to an office to update the ERP.”

Tasklet Mobile WMS has provided Goodmark Nurseries with valuable business insights, empowering them to make informed decisions.Being able to use ad hoc counting in the field to update inventory in real-time has allowed us to make better business decisions. Having the real-time inventory data on a specific tree is crucial to fulfilling customer orders”, John explains.

Looking up Information on Scanners With Tasklet Functionality Is Vital to Increase Level of Accuracy 

Tasklet’s functionality has made a big difference in Goodmark Nurseries’ practical day-to-day work. Regarding the influence Tasklet has had on their tagging process, John explains: “With 2,500 line items, trees, tagging is not easy, but with Tasklet, tagging has improved our level of accuracy. We now have the ability to look up all information we need through the scanner, determine at any time what inventory is tagged and where it is.”

The feature Look-up is used to find where trees are located, and the feature Count is used to look up how many are here and need to be trimmed. Regarding the impact this has had on the entire business, John states: “Being able to physically adjust counts while in the field is very beneficial for us because we can apply reason code and later track losses. The real-time data that Tasklet provides has simply led us to make better decisions.”

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Goodmark Nurseries Scanning Devices

Tasklet Mobile WMS Drives Expansion and Boosts Efficiency

According to John Terhesh, the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS has provided Goodmark Nurseries with clear advantages in terms of organization, productivity, and labor efficiency. The new level of productivity and the organized setup of their production and harvesting processes has given them a better platform to make decisions about the present and future of the company. John Terhesh concludes:   
“Our expansion of acres without increasing labor was partly due to implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS. We have become so much more efficient that we have been able to expand production rapidly over the last two years. We increased our tree production by 25% the year we implemented Tasklet, and our container production is up 200% because the farm is more organized and more efficient, which means we can make better decisions for the nursery growth.”




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Goodmark Nurseries A Mobile WMS Customer

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Goodmark Nurseries

Goodmark Nursery is Illinois’ leading wholesale tree and shrub farm with 725 acres. Established in 1985, Goodmark Nurseries originally consisted of 160 acres, primarily growing large specimen shade trees.

Now they have over 725 acres with new varieties of shrubs, perennials, evergreens, deciduous trees, ornamental trees, and more and provide over 500 varieties of high-quality trees and shrubs to green industry professionals seeking a personalized experience and quality products.

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