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Warehouse Operations: More Work Done in Less Time

As its business grew, Sneakers’n’stuff needed a warehouse management system that could keep up with its orders. The company implemented NAV in corporation with ERP partner CGI and concurrently added Tasklet Mobile WMS. Now, the worldwide sneakers company can easily keep up with the increasing number of incoming and outgoing orders.

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Outdated Warehouse Management Replaced with Modern Mobile WMS

At Sneakers’n’stuff (SNS), they pick up to 100 orders at a time. To prevent any possible error sources, an effective warehouse operation is essential. With the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS, the company has experienced a significant reduction of errors in all warehouse processes – including receiving and picking. This has led to a warehouse where both quantity and bin location of the individual items are always correct. 

Martin Gustafsson, Fulfilment Manager at SNS, explains why they chose Tasklet Mobile WMS:  
“We had an old-fashioned system before we began using NAV 2016 and the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet. We wanted something more modern and efficient, so we knew we needed a means of becoming more organized and reducing errors in both receiving and picking, as well as inventory management.” 

We have experienced a significant error reduction in all areas, including receiving and picking, and this has resulted in us now having a warehouse where both quantity and bin location of the individual items are correct.

Easier to Receive and Handle Incoming Orders in the Warehouse

SNS wanted improved functionality to achieve easier and more efficient workflows in the warehouse. With the functionality of Tasklet Mobile WMS, SNS now has an easier way to receive all incoming orders and pick the increasing amount of web orders. 

“We have experienced a significant error reduction in all areas, including receiving and picking, and this has resulted in us now having a warehouse where both quantity and bin location of the individual items are correct,” Martin Gustafson says.

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Fast Way to Move Items Around in the Warehouse

With improved functionality the company has also gained a faster way to move items around the warehouse as well as being able to adjust the quantity of an item. With the “Locate Item” feature in Tasklet Mobile WMS, the warehouse employees now always know where to find the item they need.
The company has also benefited from the effective way of both creating new barcodes as well as changing the old ones. Martin Gustafsson highlights the advantage of being able to complete all these processes on the go: 

“With the scanning solution from Tasklet, we are now able to do all this regardless of where you are in the warehouse and without having to go back and forth to the computer all the time.”

Easier to Keep Track of Items in Stock Rooms

In the many Sneakers’n’stuff stores around the world, there’s an internal stock room. It is important for staff to be able to see what items are in stock, which the Tasklet solution makes possible. Staff can use “Locate Item” to find items easily and then use “Unplanned Move” and “Bulk Move” to reorganize the stock room as needed. 

Martin Gustafsson explains: 

“In our stores around the world, the scanners are used for receiving and for keeping track of the internal store stock room. All in all, the whole system is more airtight, and it is harder to lose items and easier to keep track.”

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Warehouse Staff Can Do More with Tasklet

Tasklet has helped the SNS improve warehouse efficiency, which has allowed employees to carry out more work in less time. This has saved the company money and freed up resources for other projects. In addition to saving time, Martin Gustafsson explains how the user-friendliness of Tasklet Mobile WMS is a boon when things get busy.  
“In our experience, the Mobile WMS solution has made it possible for our employees to get more done in less time, and it’s saved us money on staffing costs. It also enables us to bring on extra temporary workers during busy periods like Black Friday without the need for training. We normally hire between 20-25 temps for this season. With Tasklet, these new employees can use the system almost immediately; they take to the Mobile WMS solution like fish to water” 
In general, SNS has experienced increasingly efficient warehouse operations after replacing desktops with the mobile WMS scanner solution. Martin Gustafsson enjoys the fact, that they now only use desktops when creating picking lists: 

“We use the scanners all day and often all 12 scanners are at use at the same time. In fact, we only use the desktop to create picking lists, everything else we now do on the scanners. All in all, we are very happy with the Tasklet Mobile WMS solution.”




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Sneakers N Stuff Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

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Sneakers 'n' Stuff

The Swedish sneaker company Sneakers’n’stuff has enjoyed great success since its launch in 1999. Within the first year, it launched its web shop Since then, the company has opened stores in Berlin, London, and Paris, and in December 2017 it opened its first US store in New York. The company is especially known for leading rare styles of sneakers that are difficult to get a hold of.

SNS ships thousands of packages to happy and expectant customers all over the world every week, so it's essential to maximize efficiency of the warehouse. Tasklet Mobile WMS helps SNS maintain their warehouse operations at a high level of efficiency, resulting in faster handling of orders and happier customers.

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