Customer Success Story – Mobile WMS Has Simplified and Optimized the Entire Warehouse Operations is a successful online web shop based in Denmark that specializes in selling health, beauty and fitness products. not only has a good customer base in Denmark, but they also specialize in selling their products internationally to other European countries.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



Increased Business Volume and Complex Warehousing Processes Led to Several Errors had Microsoft NAV as the preferred ERP solution for their business processes. As the business volume of expanded in the last few years the warehouse operations became more complex and difficult to handle. This resulted in leading to unsatisfactory inventory control due to a lack of visibility and errors caused during various daily warehouse operations (ordering, picking, and shipping).

Ineffective warehouse operations at were one of the main reasons for delayed or wrong processing of customer orders. Therefore, the customer relationship management of was under constant pressure to deliver orders at the right time and in the right quantity.

The answer to problem was to invest in a cost-friendly and effective Mobile Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) that would improve their warehouse operations and integrate directly with their existing ERP system. To resolve this problem JCD A/S the Danish IT consultancy company which had successfully implemented Microsoft NAV for, recommended Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS to

The simple and user-friendly features of the Mobile WMS application makes it easier and faster for the warehouse manager to train any new warehouse employee

Large Numbers of Items Had to Be Registered With Barcodes

The biggest challenge faced in implementing the Mobile WMS was the registration of more than 10,000 inventory items with barcodes, explains Nils Træholt, Owner and Director of, “It was a tough job but keeping in mind the value proposition and the long-term benefits of this action we happily agreed to go ahead with it”.

Mobile WMS Has Optimized and Simplified the Entire Warehouse Operation, Including Receipt, Picking and Shipping

After some market research decided to opt for Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS since it perfectly matched their requirements. Mobile WMS has since then optimized and simplified the entire warehouse operations of including ordering, picking, and shipping activities. The customer service at has drastically improved as Mobile WMS has streamlined the processing of customer orders. It has provided the company with much-needed visibility and control over their inventory and shipments.

In the first reporting period after the implementation, reported a 50% reduction in warehouse operational errors. “The simple and user-friendly features of the Mobile WMS application makes it easier and faster for the warehouse manager to train any new warehouse employee,” Nils Træholt says.

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