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Speeds up inventory processing by up to 94%

An efficient WMS solution and control of Item Bins make it easier to find items in the warehouse for Nicehair and has at the same time eased the workload for the warehouse staff. With the help from Tasklet Mobile WMS, the company has gone from a time-consuming manual receiving process, which previously could take up to a day and a half, to a smooth digital reception that can be completed in two to four hours.

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Scanning All incoming Items and Allocating to Bins Ensures Accuracy

Before acquiring Tasklet Mobile WMS, the fast-growing webshop Nicehair had no bins for items in the warehouse, making it difficult to find items and even resulting in items disappearing.

Knowing where items are located is essential in a busy warehouse like the one of NiceHair, to ensure the fastest possible delivery of orders to customers and ensure that the customers receive the right items.

Using Tasklet WMS, scanning every incoming item and allocating them to a bin has increased the security and inventory accuracy in the warehouse, making it easier for employees to locate items to be shipped to customers.

"Tasklet Mobile WMS makes a vital difference in our daily work. We move a lot of items around during a day, and it’s so quick and easy to look up where an item is located."
Niels Krogh, Operations and Logistics Manager, NiceHair
“Before Mobile WMS, large orders could take 1 and a half days to receive. Now we can do the same work in 2-4 hours.”
Niels Krogh, Operations and Logistics Manager, NiceHair
"The greatest value of Mobile WMS for us is how easy and intuitive it is to use."

Faster And Much More Efficient Warehouse Receiving Process

Efficiency is a keyword in a fast-paced company like Nicehair where many orders are shipped from the warehouse every day. Mobile WMS from Tasklet has increased efficiency in warehouse operations by providing a much easier way to receive and count items when coming into the warehouse. The receiving process used to be a time-consuming manual process. With Mobile WMS, a faster and better receiving process has shortened the deadlines significantly in busy periods.

With Tasklet Mobile WMS, which contains functions for receiving, counting, and putting away items, the warehouse has become more efficient and smooth running. In fact, the time spent on the receiving process is reduced up to as much as 94%. Niels Krogh, Operations and Logistics Manager, points out:

“Before Mobile WMS, large orders could take 1 1/2 days to receive. Now we can do the same work in 2-4 hours.”

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Ease the Workload on Warehouse Workers

Many items are moved around during the day in the warehouse, making it ever so important for the warehouse workers to find items fast and easily and know where to place them afterward.

Mobile WMS makes it simple to locate items and move them from one bin to another. In addition to this, it is now more accessible for the employees to receive items, as Mobile WMS suggests where the item should be placed and what the maximum capacity is. These useful functionalities make it easier to navigate quickly around the warehouse of NiceHair, compared to their old process where employees had to memorize everything by the head. Niels Krogh emphasizes that the greatest value of Mobile WMS is that it is easy to use and concludes:

"In everyday life, Mobile WMS means a lot. It is an immense help to our staff that everything is scanned. We move many items around in one day, and it is very efficient if you need to find items. It is so quick and easy to look up where an item is located. The greatest value of Mobile WMS for us is how easy and intuitive it is to use. Also, when it comes to training new employees, one can quickly put inexperienced staff into the use of the system, due to its user-friendliness".

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NiceHair Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

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NiceHair is a Danish webshop and retailer of hair and beauty products. The company ships more than 20.000 packages across Europe every month. With this number of outgoing packages, the warehouse is running fast, making it essential to retain the overview and manage it in the best way possible.

NiceHair employs 50+ people helping maintain an elevated level of service and smooth operations in the warehouse.

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