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Astonishing 1% Error Rate After Implementation of Mobile WMS

VIPP, a world-renowned Danish design company, runs a hardcore LEAN strategy. To streamline its processes even more, the company upgraded its warehouse management setup with Mobile WMS from Tasklet. The result: A total streamlining of warehouse processes, sharper quality control, and an overall more efficient warehouse.




VIPP Streamlines Its Warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS, Providing Better Overview and Sharper Quality Control 

VIPP relies on the use of LEAN management principles to streamline their processes, including warehouse operations, where they were looking for a tool to aid them in ensuring smooth running workflows.  

Quality is essential for VIPP, which is why the company has strict quality control in the receiving area, where items are inspected before being forwarded to the picking zone. A task that has been made much easier after implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS.  

Ann-Sofie Rex, IT & Ecommerce Manager at VIPP, emphasizes the big impact that Tasklet Mobile WMS has had in the process of streamlining their warehouse:

“Our new scanning solution from Tasklet has proven to be efficient at streamlining the workflows in the warehouse. It means that we have better flexibility, and it is easier for us to handle the products in relation to their location physically as well as in the ERP system.”

ADDvision has delivered a highly user-friendly Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory. This provides a significantly higher volume of product flow without the need to hire more employees. At the same time, the solution has been the direct reason that we have now reduced our error rate to below 1 percent.

Increased Efficiency Resulting in an Error Rate of Only 1 Percent 

By streamlining the warehouse processes with the help of Tasklet Mobile WMS, VIPP has experienced increased efficiency in their warehouse. At the same time, the company has managed to eliminate almost all error sources, resulting in an impressive error rate of only one percent.  

Ann-Sofie Rex points out:

“We have not yet measured the full efficiency of the Mobile WMS solution, but we can already see the improvement at a higher volume of our product flow. Even without having to hire more employees, and with a higher quality level. We are tracking in relation to errors and loss, and we are proud of our very low error rate of about one percent.”

User-friendly WMS Solution Making It Easier to Eliminate Errors 

In order to succeed in maximizing efficiency, it is essential to get a solution that really works in practice for the warehouse workers. The user-friendly interface of Tasklet Mobile WMS has succeeded in doing just that, because of the fact that it doesn’t take much training for the employees to get started using it. In addition, the user-friendliness of the solution makes it easier to have replacements step in to help in the warehouse without any problems, whenever needed.

Ann-Sofie Rex elaborates the difference Mobile WMS has made, when it comes to helping the warehouse employees in their daily work and in the elimination of errors:

“My colleagues in the warehouse are happy and can see how much Mobile WMS makes sense in terms of, for example, eliminating error sources. It also makes it easier for a replacement to step in and help. We do not want return flow in our product flow, we’d rather invest in making it right the first time.” 

Quick Return of Investment after the Implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS 

The effect of optimizing warehouse processes with Tasklet Mobile WMS is clear. At VIPP, the effect was obvious from day one after the implementation.

ERP Partner, ADDvision, who helped with implementing the WMS setup for VIPP, puts into words what you can expect from implementing Mobile WMS from Tasklet:

“Improving overview and processes with a Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet will reward your company extremely fast. The Return of Investment is between 6 to 12 months – the effect is noticed from day one. Many of our customers now present financial reports where profits have grown between 50% and 300% over a few years.”

Ann-Sofie Rex praises the commitment of ADDvision in the process:

“The cooperation with ADDvision has worked well. The most important thing for me as a customer is also to be challenged by our suppliers, especially on the rethinking of our processes. And I think they are committed. When we’ve had some critical errors – they’ve prioritized us and have always fixed it.” 

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VIPP is a world-renowned Danish design company with a large distribution of its products through a webshop and physical stores. VIPP runs a hardcore LEAN strategy in all areas of the organization, especially in the warehouse. The company does a lot to standardize and streamline all processes – a continuous task that Tasklet Mobile WMS helps with.

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