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Improved Warehouse Traceability, Control of Inventory, and Reduced Errors

Maskinhandler Indkøbsringen (MI) used to experience many errors in warehouse transactions due to lacking traceability and missing item barcodes. Implementing Mobile WMS from Tasklet and registering all 450,000 item numbers has helped MI improve efficiency and reduce errors.


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MI Indkøbsringen Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

Keeping Track of 450,000 Item Types with Barcode Registration

MI's large-scale sale of machinery and parts for agriculture, gardening, and parks require a high level of efficiency in its warehouses. With 450,000 registered item numbers, the company had a difficult time keeping track of locations for the items, partially due to a lack of barcodes. 

To improve tracking and efficiency, Tasklet Mobile WMS was implemented with barcode registration for all 450,000 items.  
Alfred Korsgaard, IT Manager at MI, shares his thoughts on the implementation process: 

“It was a tough job to get all the items registered with barcodes, but with the solution from Tasklet Factory, it was actually good fun. Now, where the project is done, everybody is happy with the result.” 

Significant Drop in Pick Errors and Faster Warehouse Transactions 

The previous lack of item barcodes resulted in many errors in warehouse transactions. With the registration of every item in Tasklet Mobile WMS, MI has now gained more control over their inventory, which has resulted in a significant reduction in the warehouse transaction errors.

Alfred Korsgard states: 

“Transactions are handled much faster, and the number of pick errors has dropped dramatically.”

It was a tough job to get all the items registered with barcodes, but with the solution from Tasklet Factory, it was actually good fun. Now when the project is done everybody is happy with the result. Transactions are handled much faster and the number of pick errors has dropped dramatically.

Tasklet Mobile WMS Configured with Ease, Resulting in Fast Implementation

MI already had a scanner solution for their warehouse before implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS, so it was important for the company to have an easily implemented solution. The scanners were reconfigured quickly, facilitating a fast implementation of the new and improved mobile WMS solution. 

“Our existing scanners were easily reconfigured, and all problems solved quickly,” says Alfred Korsgaard.

The Story About

Maskinhandler Indkøbsringen

MI is a procurement cooperation between Danish machinery trade companies. MI distributes machinery for agriculture and park management and spare parts for this machinery. The company is headquartered in Vejle, Denmark, and employs 57 people, of which 20 work in the warehouse. The warehouse staff has their hands full with 450,000 item numbers and 50,000 items in stock.

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