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Becoming More Efficient in the Warehouse Even Though Reducing Number of New Hires

When outdoor product wholesaler Liberty Mountain updated its version of NAV, it lost a vital part of its warehouse management system. To get the functionality back, the company chose to implement Mobile WMS from Tasklet and got the needed efficiency in warehouse operations. The easily customizable solution was modified to match Liberty Mountain's preferences, resulting in quick adoption of the solution and improved morale and efficiency amongst employees.

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Outdated Custom-built WMS Replaced with Out-of-the-Box Solution Integrating Directly to NAV

For Liberty Mountain, an upgrade to the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV version meant that their custom-built WMS handheld solution for order processing and item handling became outdated. Some of the functionality the company had to let go of with the upgrade was handling the relocation of items from one bin to another or doing bin or item lookups. 

Wanting to upgrade their warehouse management system to increase operational efficiency, Liberty Mountain complimented their ERP-upgrade with Tasklet Mobile WMS. The new WMS solution gives the company the needed functionality to improve efficiency in the warehouse. 
Grant Brimhall, Director of Operations and IT at Liberty Mountain, shares his thoughts on the implementation: 

“Our existing handheld solution had no easy way to make use of the new database structure. We knew we wanted these abilities back as quickly as possible. Out of the box, Tasklet Mobile WMS supplied these features, also providing put-aways, cycle count, and unplanned item movement functionality without customization and with almost immediate employee adoption.”

Our business is experiencing growth over the prior year, and we have reduced the number of staff we plan to hire because of the efficiencies we have gained using the software. We easily expect to recapture our investment within 12 to 18 months, if not sooner.

Quick Return-on-Investment on New WMS System

Along with gained additional functionality, Liberty Mountain has removed the cumbersome paper-based processes in the warehouse with their Tasklet solution. The move from paper-based to fully digitalized processes has not only increased the efficiency, but also made workflows easier boosting morale amongst warehouse employees. 

Furthermore, Liberty Mountain have plans of expanding the solution and are expecting a quick return of investment. Grant Brimhall elaborates: 

“Our business has experienced growth over the past year, and we have reduced the number of staff we had planned to hire because of the efficiencies gained using the software. We easily expect to recapture our investment within 12 to 18 months, if not sooner.”

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Choosing New Warehouse Management System was Easy

Liberty Mountain's decision to implement Tasklet Mobile WMS was an easy one. The software was simple to use, and minimal in-house maintenance was required. The intuitive interface made the solution a perfect fit for the company's needs, and the software has been adopted by users quickly due to its simplicity. Liberty Mountain has customized the software with a few modifications – an easily handled process within NAV. 

The easy customization of the solution is highlighted by Grant Brimhall: 

“The solution was easily implemented at remote sites connected via VPN without any noticeable loss in communication speed. We liked that Tasklet Mobile WMS is easily customized entirely within NAV. We have made small modifications such as positioning of text on the handheld screen and changing some of the field output on the screen with absolute ease.”




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Liberty Mountain Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

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Liberty Mountain

Liberty Mountain is one of the largest wholesale distributors of technical outdoor products in the U.S. Its headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company uses Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and Tasklet Mobile WMS to help manage its warehouse and keep things running smoothly.

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