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Using Mobile WMS in retail

In retail industries most markets have witnessed that a large percentage the growth has occurred through online channels during the last decade. Whether selling goods from physical stores or online or through a combination, it is clear that retailers must automate the retail business processes across sales order management, stock replenishment and warehouse management to improve efficiency and deliver the expected customer experience.

Tasklet Factory’s customers in retail industries use Mobile WMS as an important tool handle the flow of goods most efficiently. Especially organizations with webstores handling a large daily amount of sales orders appreciate advanced build-in functionality such a box picking. Using this function, it is possible to multiple pick-orders in one single process by combined them to one large order and placing the ordered goods in separate boxes that are scanned.

What our customers say about Mobile WMS

“We have reduced the number of staff we planned to hire because of the efficiencies gained” Grant Brimhall

Director IT, Liberty Mountain

References from the retail industry

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