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Sanutal – Distribution of Heating and Cooling Components

Close to Antwerp, Belgium you will find the HVAC company Sanutal.  The company was established in 1993 and has since then distributed components for heating and cooling installations. Their warehouse and production area extends over more than 20.000 M2 and the number of articles they carry exceeds 5.000. Their customers are mainly located in Belgium and Luxemburg and are distributers of ventilation-, sanitary- and solar projects. Sanutal’s core values have always been based upon good customer service, quality products, innovation, and knowledge.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



Growth Puts the Warehouse Operations Under Pressure

Patrick Verdonck Logistics Manager at Sanutal: “Most of the customers at Sanutal are of course expecting timely and accurate handling of their orders. To be able to obtain our service level we realized we needed to change our work processes in the warehouse, as the existing processes no longer could keep up with the rising number of orders. We needed a solution to help our warehouse workers complete the order flow in an efficient and fast way as possible. Without putting extra pressure on the employees and without hiring extra staff. Furthermore, we needed a solution to help us keep track of the stock and to reduce errors during order picking.

“Before implementing the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory the warehouse at Sanutal was 100 % paper-based. We were not using barcodes for any of our articles, so the registrations of the more than 5000 articles with barcodes, was actually one of the biggest challenges, but It was well worth the struggle,” says Logistics Manager at Sanutal Patrick Verdonk

Simple, straight forward, easy to train warehouse staff – that were some of the requirements Sanutal had for a new WMS solution. That box was already ticked after the first online demo with Tasklet factory and GMI Group.

The solution

Patrick Verdonck has previously worked with different WMS solutions which were quite complicated, so when Sanutal’s ERP partner GMI Group introduced Sanutal to the Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS solution, he was very happy to see how user-friendly this solution was compared to the others he previously had worked with.

Simple, straight forward, easy to train warehouse staff – that were some of the requirements Sanutal had for a new WMS solution. That box was already ticked after the first online demo with Tasklet factory and GMI Group.” Says Patrick Verdonck.

Patrick Verdonck explains: We wanted a solution that had already proven its worth in the market, and that is exactly what we got. A great feature within the solution is the opportunity for the warehouse workers to look up items and/or binsmove items, do unplanned counts, and so on, all of this “on the spot”. Before we had to go to the nearest computer or ask the sales department for help.”

Optimized Warehouse Processes

“We have saved a lot of time in the warehouse, but also the back office of the sales department has benefited from the solution. The sales department hands us the order, and we will handle the rest including all bookings in Navision via the scanners.

We have also experienced an improvement in picking, which goes much faster than before, and, now 4 months after starting using the solution, we see a clear improvement in the receiving area both in the time we spend on receiving and with fewer mistakes.” Patrick Verdonck continues  

“In general, we feel it is not as busy in the warehouse anymore, it feels less hectic, however, this is not the case, as we are more than 10 % up compared to last year, and this is with the same number of employees”, Patrick Verdonck finishes.

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