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Russo - High Standards in the Warehouse Are Complied With the Help of Mobile WMS

Modern warehouse management that provides accurate and up-to-date data insight is essential for the US-based company Russo Power Equipment. The company has a strong focus on creating a unique customer experience throughout the organization. For Russo's warehouse staff, this exercise has been helped a great deal after implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS.




MS Dynamics NAV 2018



Inventory- and Warehouse Management is Crucial to the Customer Experience

While Russo’s huge catalogue of products alone sets them aside from their competition, they have also made it their mission to offer a customer experience second to none other in the industry. James Mesi, IT Manager at Russo, elaborates:

“In retail, customer experience should be the number one goal for everything – especially in an omni-channel context where we interact with our customers on a number of different platforms. If we say we have an item in stock, we better have it! Our warehouse operations, and how these are managed, are crucial to our customer experience strategy”.

Our warehouse operations affect every single customer that we deal with, so it is vital that we get it right! With Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS we can finally live up to our own high standards. We always have accuracy. We always have updated insight. This has been huge for our business!

Modern Warehouse Management Necessary to Keep up with Growth

Along with growing their business, Russo’s determination to offer a vast selection of products, and to ensure that every transaction leaves the customer smiling, started to present a series of challenges for their warehouse staff.

“We used to run everything one paper at a time; receiving, picking, moving, counting – everything. It was extremely error-prone, and quite frankly too risky for us. One typo could mean that we would accidentally sell an item to a customer that we in fact could not deliver. And with as many items as we have, things could quickly get messy. We realized we needed to take that step forward to further grow our business. We, therefore, started looking for a modern warehouse management solution,” James Mesi explains.

Seamless Integration to NAV Was Priority Number One

Previously, the IT infrastructure at Russo was made up by applications from numerous vendors, James explains:

“We were trying to tie different tools and applications together but that is not an easy thing to do. Often, you are left with the feeling that your systems could break down any second”.

Upon deciding to base their future strategy on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, Russo’s primary requirements for all associated applications were ‘compatibility’ and ‘integration’.

“We wanted a warehouse solution that was built for-, and seamlessly integrated with-, our NAV. We wanted to rest assured that our future platform would be efficient, but also robust,” James says.

Aside from the compatibility with NAV, Russo also had a list of requirements for the tool itself. Basically, they wanted to further empower their staff with technology that would make their lives easier.

“Both in-store- and warehouse staff wanted to be mobile, and to be able to handle all of their essential daily tasks on-the-go and on a handheld device. They wanted a tool that would enable them to do more in less time, and with the same number of people”, James states.

All Arrows Pointed to Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS

With a defined set of requirements in place, Russo started their WMS selection process leveraging a wide range of information sources along the way. James highlights a few:

“On top of online research, we also reached out to various NAV user groups to learn from their experience with WMS providers, and to generally listen to their recommendations. Throughout the process, all arrows pointed in the direction of Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS. The standard integration to NAV, the drag-and-drop implementation, the clear-cut licensing model, and the extremely user-friendly interface were some of the deciding factors – plus, Tasklet Factory was recommended to us by several of the people we spoke with during the process”.

The Results – A Warehouse Management Tool Living up to High Standards Ensuring Accuracy and Updated Insight

When talking about the impact Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS has made at Russo, James yet again brings up Russo’s dedicated focus on customer experience:

“Our warehouse operations affect every single customer that we deal with, so it is vital that we get it right! With Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS we can finally live up to our own high standards. We always have accuracy. We always have updated insight. This has been huge for our business!”.

James stresses the influence of quick user-adoption as a key driver of the great results. The user-friendly interface of Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS has played an essential role to achieve this:

“What we have noticed too is that the onboarding has been so smooth. You basically pick up the device, start scanning, and you are flying in no time. Quickly you will then also realize that the application flow on the screen is together with the practical flow in the workplace. We have seen a fantastic buy-in from the users”, James concludes.

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Russo Power Equipment

For more than 50 years, Russo Power Equipment (Russo) has provided premier power equipment and landscaping supply for professional- as well as commercial use. Russo strives to be the preferred reseller of everything from power equipment, spare parts, and oil, to fertilizers, salt, and various soft goods. It is a family-owned- and operated business with more than 200 employees, five retail locations, six general distribution centers, and three salt distribution centers.

Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS is being used within Russo’s physical stores,
as well as in all warehouse- and distribution centers.

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