Benefits with Mobile WMS – Inventory Count, Status, ROI and Functions

All companies know of the burden that it often can be to get the products counted in the yearly stocktaking. But with the implementation of Mobile WMS comes a lot of benefits. 

Accurate Counts - Optimizes Time in the Warehouse

One of the biggest benefits with Mobile WMS is that going from a paper-based solution to Mobile WMS your count gets considerably more precise and that the time consumption is reduced to a minimum.

We often see that many companies only choose to do one stocktaking a year because of all the resources a count often takes.

With our Mobile WMS barcode scanner solution, it is possible to both do planned counts and unplanned counts. This means that you can do your count when you have the time systematic throughout the year and always ensure that your stock status is updated and valid.

You Can Expect ROI on Mobile WMS within 6-12 Months

The feedback that we receive from our customers is that they get a ROI (Return-of-investment) within 6-12 months, of course depending on the size of the company. Think about how many man-hours you invest in a manual paper count, not to talk about the paper consumption that is connected to the task. In addition to this, the error rate is considerably bigger in a manual count compared to a count with a hand scanner solution.

The warehouse worker will be able to do all the counting so that the counting list is registered in your ERP system as a draft. The warehouse manager or the financial executive thereby have the opportunity to do an operation against the registered number in your ERP system or filter the list, so they only have a focus on the products where a difference appears. This means that you have the possibility to do a checkup against the expected amount before you post the count.

Always updated info about inventory

If you get an unexpected visit by an accountant that wants to check your inventory, you can easily locate the products that the accountant wants to be counted, and hereafter make the count via the mobile hand scanner. You also get the possibility to customize our solution, so that it only is the employees that have the right to do a count or adjust the quantity, that have the icon accessible on the mobile device.

Briefly expressed you can create your own user groups in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC/NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX. If you want to find out more about how an inventory count can be optimized and learn about more benefits with Mobile WMS, give us a call. We also offer a demo of our solution, so that you in your own eyes can see how easy a count can be performed.