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Best-Selling Barcode Scanners for Warehouse Management

When it comes to managing a warehouse, having a trustworthy data-collection tool working on reliable hardware is essential. By using the barcode scanner solution Mobile WMS, you can track and update your inventory real-time by scanning items as they are received from vendors, moved between zones, picked for sales, or any other of the actions you know so well from your daily warehouse grind.

However, to get the most out of your WMS solution, you need a suitable handheld mobile computer/scanner. In this article, we'll look at four of the best-selling Tasklet Mobile WMS-compatible scanners on the market. Read on to find the perfect fit for your warehouse.

Tasklet Hardware Bestseller

Barcode Scanners Compatible with Mobile WMS

The market for mobile warehouse devices can seem like a jungle of thrilling technology. Luckily, we know all the shortcuts after taking part in more than 1500 warehouse projects. And we know there’s no need to overcomplicate your decision on which barcode scanner to choose. Most likely, you should go with one of the four Tasklet bestsellers below:  

  • Honeywell CT60XP 
  • Zebra TC52x/ax 
  • Honeywell EDA52 
  • Zebra TC21 

All excellent hardware options that – in our experience – will fit the need for 9 out of 10 warehouses going mobile and digital.

Rugged. Reliable. Really Easy-To-Use Barcode Scanners for Warehouses

The warehouse is a fast-moving and hard-floored environment. This entails a need for sturdy equipment, but the good news is that your need for ruggedness does not mean workers are forced to struggle with brick-heavy keyboard-wielding devices.  
The four Tasklet bestsellers come with different degrees of ruggedness, yet they are all comfortable to carry and handle. Large, high-resolution touchscreens with built-in pop-up keyboards make them perfect for working with data. And although being designed for handiness, they still offer quick and powerful barcode scanning. Let’s take a look...

#1: Honeywell CT60XP A Barcode Scanner Designed to Withstand Even the Toughest Warehouse Environments

First up is the Honeywell CT60XP. This device is one of the most popular barcode scanners and for good reason. It's rugged, reliable, and designed to withstand even the toughest warehouse environments.  
With an IP68 rating, it can handle drops, spills, and low temperatures with ease. Plus, it comes with a large touchscreen and a powerful battery that can last all day, even with heavy use. Whether you need standard range for arm's length scanning or flex range for scans at distances up to 10 meters, the Honeywell CT60XP has got you covered.

CT60XP Honeywell Tasklet
Customer case


Discover how Med24.dk, a Scandinavian health and beauty e-commerce business, achieved a stunning 50% reduction in warehouse errors by implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS running on rugged and high-performing Honeywell CT60XP barcode scanners.

Tc52x 57X Zebra Tasklet

#2: Zebra TC52x/ax – A Big-Screened, Ergonomic, and Sleek Handheld Computer

Next up is the Zebra TC52x/ax. Another rugged option built to withstand the rigors of the warehouse environment – especially when adding a protective boot. If you are looking for a big-screened, ergonomic, and sleek device, then the TC52x is a great choice. Looking for fast and flexible scanning at distances above 60 centimeters? No problem. The Zebra TC52ax enables you to perform error-free scanning at ranges up to 12 meters.
With an IP67 rating, TC52x/ax can handle the usual drops, spills, and dust. Plus, it comes with a battery that can last all day and a powerful scan engine that ensures the collection of your data without any delays. Our experience is that the TC52-series is the versatile choice for any warehouse. And if you need a SIM card solution, Zebra has covered you with their TC57x. 

Need a lightweight handheld device for your warehouse? We have boiled it down to two value-for-money options for you to choose from below.

#3: Honeywell EDA52 – Lightweight and Compact Handheld Computer

The Honeywell EDA52 is a great scanner option for smaller warehouses and retail businesses. It's compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use on the go. With a user-friendly design, long-lasting battery, and easy-to-read display, it provides a reliable and efficient scanning experience.

Although it's not as rugged or powerful as its big brother, the CT60XP, the EDA52 is still a dependable option for any warehouse that doesn't require heavy-duty features. It's an affordable solution that will help streamline your scanning tasks and boost your business's productivity.

Optimize your warehouse operations with the best Honeywell scanners on the market. Check out our latest blog post and contact us to get started!

EDA52 Honeywell Tasklet
TC21 26 Zebra Tasklet

#4: Zebra TC21 – Budget-Friendly and High-Performing Barcode Scanner 

Finally, we have the Zebra TC21. If you're looking for a budget-friendly scanner option, this high-performing handheld computer is an excellent choice. Even though the TC21 from Zebra is the least powerful scanner on our bestseller list, it still offers impressive performance.  
It comes with a high-resolution touchscreen display that is easy to read and navigate, making it a great choice for smaller warehouses or retail, and it is the lightest and most compact of our bestselling warehouse scanners. As an extra bonus, the TC21 has a long-lasting battery that can keep up with your operations all day.

Curious to see how thousands of companies boost their warehouse processes with Tasklet Mobile WMS? Reach out to get a demo!

Sim Card or No Sim Card? That’s the Question

One of the key questions businesses face when it comes to data registration is whether to opt for a SIM card configuration or not. While Wi-Fi can be perfectly reliable for data transactions within a particular location, it may not work outside the premises, and cellular data networks can be necessary for uninterrupted, real-time data registration. If you are in doubt about whether or not you'll need a SIM card in your choice of scanner, feel free to reach out to us.

Customer case


Find out how Strandmøllen, a gas manufacturer and long-time customer of Tasklet, ensures full traceability of their gas bottles by using the rugged and high-performing Honeywell CT60XP barcode scanner. With Wi-Fi coverage available at their production facilities, and the option for cellular data networks when dealing with reseller and customer sites, the CT60XP is the perfect solution for real-time data registration.

Its SIM card configuration ensures uninterrupted connectivity and seamless data transactions, making it an essential tool for Strandmøllen's inventory management.

Ready to Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency with Tasklet Mobile WMS and High-Performing Barcode Scanners?

There you have it! The Honeywell CT60XP, Zebra TC52x/ax, Honeywell EDA52, and Zebra TC21 are all excellent barcode scanners to use with Tasklet Mobile WMS. We know these devices like the backs of our hands, and we can vouch for them to be used as trusted teammates in the warehouse.

Whether you need a rugged scanner that can withstand the toughest environments or a budget-friendly option, there is a scanner on this list that will meet your needs, so you can start enjoying the benefits of Tasklet Mobile WMS in your warehouse!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need advice on which barcode scanner to choose for your warehouse.

Psst. We also have alternatives for warehouses with specific needs like freezer storage, truck-mounting, or extremely harsh environments.