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Better Supply Security and Full Traceability with Tasklet Mobile WMS

To meet increasing internal and external requirements, Strandmøllen needed a way to get full traceability of their gas bottles. With Tasklet Mobile WMS, the company now have a user-friendly solution that tracks every bottle, resulting in a significantly higher level of supply security.

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Required Full Traceability of Gas Bottles

Strandmøllen's priorities are product quality, high level of service and reliable distribution. The company has been meeting increasing documentation requirements from their customers in the health care sector. For customers in this industry sector, this means that hospitals want to know the exact number of gas bottles on their premises as well as expiry date information. 

Wanting full traceability of the different production series, Strandmøllen decided to go for a mobile WMS solution from Tasklet that communicates directly with Microsoft Dynamics AX, and where all delivered and returned gas bottles are scanned with mobile devices. 
Morten Olsen, IT Manager at Strandmøllen explains: 

“We found that the communication engine between the mobile devices and the ERP system was really strong in Tasklet’s solution, and it was clear that this would make a good foundation for the necessary modifications needed.”

We found that the communication engine between the mobile devices and the ERP system was really strong in Tasklet’s Mobile WMS solution, and it was clear that this would make a good foundation for the necessary modifications needed.

User-friendly and Intuitive Warehouse Management Solution

Already during the initial test of Tasklet Mobile WMS, it became clear to Strandmøllen that they had chosen a very user-friendly and intuitive solution making it the right fit for their warehouse management.  

The user-friendly setup of Tasklet Mobile WMS enables Strandmøllen to quickly and easily register every gas bottle, which is crucial for the process. Morten Olsen elaborates on the importance of this feature:  

“It was key for us that the solution is easy to use and intuitive. The first test of the system also showed that users found that the WMS Solution was very user-friendly which was much appreciated.”

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Clear Picture of Inventory Using Scanners in the Warehouse

Along with getting a clear picture of their inventory through Tasklet Mobile WMS, the company has been able to increase the level of security of their supply. This comes from switching from using humans for item registration to using a scanning device for every item. 

The importance of customers getting exactly what they order is highlighted by Morten Olsen: 

“As each gas bottle is scanned electronically, we know for sure that the customer will get exactly the ordered products. Registering manually opens for human errors, but a scanner does not make mistakes. Especially the supply security is paramount for us.”

Wi-Fi and 3G-connection – Securing Coverage Everywhere in the Warehouse

To ensure that online connection is never an issue when using Tasklet Mobile WMS, it uses a combination of Wi-Fi and 3G depending on availability. At the production sites of Strandmøllen, the solution uses Wi-Fi, whereas at the resellers and customers, 3G is used, as there’s no Wi-Fi coverage. 

Strandmøllen provides a complete package to their resellers, to make it easier for them to adapt the solution. The package consists of a pre-configured mobile device and a SIM card, making the reseller ready to go as soon as they receive it.

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Strandmøllen Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

The Story About


Strandmøllen is a growth company, and among the top five gas suppliers in Denmark. The company employs 130 people and serves all of Scandinavia. Strandmøllen supplies some of Europe's cleanest gasses for customers with high demands within manufacturing and the health care sector. 
The products are distributed in gas bottles, and Strandmøllen handles delivery and collection to resellers, as well as directly to customers. Product quality, high service, and reliable distribution are some of the key factors in the company's success.

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