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HIT Trading

The Challenges

HIT Trading started to digitalize their warehouse 7 years ago, to make the processes more efficient. One of the problems they experienced were they would ship a wrong product to a customer, it would cost them a lot money and time each time that happened. Before implementing the solution, they often experienced picking errors such as picking an incorrect number of a specific item or simply just picking the wrong product. They wished to reduce the number of errors, so their shipments would be more accurate. These problems were a part of the reason to why they wanted to implement a mobile WMS solution.

Recently they updated their ERP system, and it forced them to look at the scanners in the warehouse, and they did this with their ERP partner Xperit from the Netherlands.

Warehouse Manager Harm Plasmans: “Xperit told us about Tasklet Factory’s Warehouse Management Solution, and they spoke highly of it and recommended it to us.”

Online and offline functionality

I have been at HIT Trading for 10 years, so I have seen the changes, the situation before and after implementing the warehouse management solution. The first warehouse we owned at HIT Trading had Wi-Fi, but very bad Wi-Fi. It meant that we had a lot of trouble with the orders that needed to be picked. Now with the Tasklet Factory solution, we don’t have to have Wi-Fi all over the warehouse as you can also work offline. If things work well, I see a greater willingness from the employees, as they are the ones who needs to work with the scanners. The solution from Tasklet Factory enables us to pick the orders in the right way, with fever or no mistakes at all. The Wi-Fi issues was one of the reasons to why we went with Tasklet Factory.” Harm Plasmans explains.

The Benefits

“After we started using Tasklet Factorys Mobile WMS solution the amount and the product types that we are picking are more accurate. All departments have benefited from the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory, and one thing is for sure, you will make almost no mistakes with the scanners. We are very satisfied, and have no problems with the scanners. They work very well and never let us down. The errors are fever, and the situation where customers call and complain because they got the wrong delivery belongs to the past. Our accounting department no longer make credit notes. The biggest advantage is that it has freed a lot of work hours to get more work done with the same number of employees. We now have a higher customer satisfaction and it has made HIT Trading more efficient.” Harm Plasmans finishes.

HIT Trading

HIT Trading

HIT Trading has existed for over 100 years, so we have a good marked knowledge and extensive experience in buying in the far East

HIT Trading is a supplier and wholesaler, but above all hub of an international network of manufacturers and customers. We are an importer and exporter of over 5,000 different articles.