Receive with Mobile WMS

With receive you are able to register and control items against purchase orders. We follow the item as it is set up in the item card in Dynamics 365BC/NAV. So if the customer uses

• LOT or batch numbers, that is handled on the mobile device. The same with

• Expiry Dates and

• Serial number tracking


In the receive functionality in the Mobile WMS solution, it is possible to filter orders on different parameters. Therefore, it is possible to choose which warehouse you are in and filter on expected receive date and specific purchase order number. It is also possible to sort after an order addressed to a specific user, or to see all orders.

In the solution we also made it possible to scan the item you are receiving, and then the system will filter the orders that the item is in. When you are in your purchase order in the system, it is possible to work offline. This means that you can scan and receive all items and book later when you have internet access.

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