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Future-proof Warehouse Management Setup with Tasklet Mobile WMS

Swienty handles a high volume of orders every day in its warehouse, making it essential to maintain a high level of efficiency. Tasklet Mobile WMS has, after a seamless and easy implementation, ensured much-improved warehouse operations. Manual processes has been replaced and tasks such as inventory count have been simplified and can now be done in half the time as before the implementation.

Securing a Future-proof Warehouse Management Setup with Tasklet Mobile WMS

Before implementing Mobile WMS, Swienty was using an older version of Navision C5 and a compatible solution for handheld scanners. However, the solution was discontinued by the software providers, forcing Swienty to look for an alternative solution. The search for a new alternative was already in the plans for Swienty, along with upgrading to a newer version of NAV, as well as the launch of a new website. 

By choosing Tasklet Mobile WMS, Swienty has secured their warehouse operations for the future, ensuring a solution that will keep them running smoothly.

What has been great about the shift to the new system, is that we have not sensed any difference in our shipping or in production. Our daily operations have been business as usual – and that is absolutely key.

Easy and Seamless Implementation Makes the Difference

With the help of ERP-partner Consortio, the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS went seamlessly. For a busy company like Swienty, it was especially important that the workload that comes with implementing a new solution wasn’t too cumbersome. Thanks to the help of Consortio, the implementation happened quickly, making it possible for Swienty to be up and running with Tasklet Mobile WMS in a short space of time.

Jens Lauritzen, Head of Logistics at Swienty emphasizes that another advantage of the implementation process has been the minimal effect it has had on the other processes in the warehouse, making the implementation even more seamless:

“What has been great about the shift to the new system, is that we have not sensed any difference in our shipping or in production. Our daily operations have been business as usual – and that is absolutely key.”

Customized Functionality to Accommodate Specific Warehouse Requirements

Swienty primarily uses the standard functionality in Tasklet Mobile WMS but had a need for some additional modifications to reach the full potential of productivity in their warehouse operations. The standard functionalities include Pick, Receive, Move, Count, etc.

But the company also wanted to be able to complete, post and ship a picking order in one single step, as well as being able to print the shipping label straight away.

Jens Lauritzen elaborates the extended functionality of Tasklet Mobile WMS:

“Our process has been set up so that when we complete a pick on the scanner, we have had an extra step added, allowing us to choose a carrier, enter weight, etc. When we click OK, the order is posted, and shipping labels are automatically printed. It is very cool and extremely easy to handle on the scanner.”

The integration of Tasklet Mobile WMS with Consignor, a delivery management software provider, makes the shipping process easier for Swienty and lightens the workload for the warehouse workers.

Repackaging Made Easy with Tasklet Mobile WMS

Swienty usually receives orders in large quantities and therefore does a lot of repackaging, which can be an extensive task. Warehouse workers repackage, for example, honey jars into smaller batches and each new package needs a new label. Before Tasklet, this process was both extensive and time-consuming.

With the help of the customized functionality in Tasklet Mobile WMS, the repackaging process has been made significantly easier and quicker. Now the warehouse workers only need to scan one barcode and choose the number of labels they want to print. Before they had to walk back to a PC each time. 

Jens Lauritzen finds this functionality to be very useful and considers it a great advantage: 

“The employee can use the scanner to initiate that print job on the label printer, making this an easy task for them to complete. All they need to do is to scan the barcode, and then choose the number of labels they want to print. It is very smart because then they do not have to walk their way back to the PC every single time. We use this feature a lot!”

Inventory Counts Completed in Half the Time Compared to Former WMS Solution

By using Tasklet Mobile WMS, Swienty has gained clear advantages, increasing the effectiveness of their warehouse operations. Tasks like inventory count have been simplified, resulting in a counting process that is completed in half the time compared to their previous WMS-solution.  

Another advantage that Swienty has experienced is easier management of serial numbers. The previous platform did not support serial numbers, which made it a time-consuming process where each warehouse worker had to manually write down the number every time. With Tasklet Mobile WMS that supports the use of serial numbers, the process is now both faster and more secure than before. 

Jens Lauritzen highlights the traceability of items as a significant benefit: 

“When we then, later on, pick the item for the customer, we scan the serial number. That way we can always track a specific item, and always know which customer has received which items – for instance, if there is an error in our production line.”

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Swienty is a Danish manufacturer of all types of bee-keeping equipment, who also does wholesale of their products. Swienty sells their products both in Denmark as well as globally and offers a wide range of more than 100 products. With a very busy warehouse it is vital that the warehouse operations run smoothly, which for Swienty is made possible by using Tasklet Mobile WMS, where they get the necessary functionality to secure a effective warehouse.

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