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Swienty – Beekeeping Equipment since 1981

The Danish production- and wholesale company Swienty sells and produces all types of equipment for beekeeping and have done so since 1981. Swienty is a family-owned business, run by Bjorn and Lotte Swienty Andresen. Lotte is the daughter of the founder, Bernhard Swienty.

The company is headquartered is in Sonderborg and they have customers in Denmark as well as globally. They carry more than 100 self-produced products – for instance their own filling system, DANA api MATIC, which is one of the company’s flagships.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



The Challenge

Actually, Swienty’s previous WMS setup was not the reason they began investigating other options. They were running on an older version of Navision C5, and along with that a compatible solution for handheld scanners. The problem was that the platform was not future-proof.

Jens Lauritzen: “We were pretty happy with the old setup. Unfortunately, both C5 and the scanner solution were discontinued by the software providers, and we were therefore forced to look for an alternative. We did, however, already have plans to upgrade to a newer version of NAV, and set up a new website as well, and at that time, we would need to change the scanner solution anyway”.

“We did some investigation and research to find the right new scanner solution, and in a close collaboration with our Partner Consortio, we came across Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory”.

What has been great about the shift to the new system, is that we have not sensed any difference in our shipping or in production. Our daily operations have been business as usual – and that is absolutely key.

The Implementation

“The process of changing from the old setup to the new one went very smoothly, I think. Consortio was a great help, and they pretty much took care of everything for us. It is a group of really good guys, and they definitely know what they are doing. Our specific implementation was actually one of the first Mobile WMS implementations Consortio did, but it went very well”.

“What has been great about the shift to the new system, is that we have not sensed any difference in our shipping or in production. Our daily operations have been business as usual – and that is absolutely key”, Jens says.

Requirements to the New WMS Platform

Swienty is mostly using the standard functionality of Mobile WMS but has also had a few modifications done.

One of these modifications is related to shipping a sales order. They wanted to be able to complete, post, and ship a picking order in one single step, and at the same time to also have the shipping documents printed right away.

Jens Lauritzen explains: “We are using the scanner to perform typical and regular warehouse operations. Pick, receive, move, count, etc. But, we have also had a bit of extra functionality added, which is tailormade just for us and for our processes. When shipping a sales order, we have set up an integration to Consignor”. Consignor is a delivery management software provider that cooperates with some of the most well-known shipping carriers.

Jens Lauritzen elaborates: “Our process has been set up so that when we complete a pick on the scanner, we have had an extra step added, allowing us to choose a carrier, enter weight, etc. When we click OK, the order is posted, and shipping labels are automatically printed. It is very cool and extremely easy to handle on the scanner”.

Another smaller adjustment set up for Swienty is related to the ‘Print Label’ feature in Mobile WMS.

Jens Lauritzen tells: Because we usually receive orders in large quantities, we do quite a bit of repackaging. An example could be lids for honey jars. We have a group of young people to repackage these into smaller portions. Each of these “new” packages then needs a new label. The employee can use the scanner to initiate that print job on the label printer, making this an easy task for them to complete. All they need to do is to scan the barcode, and then choose the number of labels they want to print. It is very smart because then they do not have to walk their way back to the PC every single time. We use this feature a lot!”.


Swienty's Advantages Using Mobile WMS

Although Swienty already had a functioning setup with their previous platform, they have experienced clear advantages by implementing Mobile WMS.

Jens Lauritzen clarifies:

“Counting our inventory has gotten a lot easier! For instance, we are now able to complete our annual counts in half the time compared to previously, which is great. The old platform was pretty cumbersome in this regard”.

“Management of serial numbers is another thing which is now way easier for us. The old platform did not support serial numbers, so we had to manually write down the number. With the scanner, this process is both faster and significantly more secure”.

“The serial number is generated once the production of the item is completed. Then the employee sets up the production BOM”.

“When we then, later on, pick the item for the customer, we scan the serial number. That way we can always track a specific item, and always know which customer has received which items – for instance, if there is an error in our production line”.

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