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Kent Brushes – The World’s Finest Brushes Est 1777

Kent Brushes, who are the world’s oldest hair brush manufacturer, was established in 1777 and they have just celebrated their 240-year anniversary.

Kent Brushes has won a lot of prizes, including “Royal Warrenty Award” and “The Queens Award for Enterprise”. The company manufactures all kinds of brushes, and the assortment and the sales channels have been expanded and have changed a lot through the years. When the online selling was added, Kent Brushes needed an overall solution that could help them in this new phase of the company’s history.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV


United Kingdom



The Old ERP System was Outdated

Steve Davids, Technical Manager, says: “The old system we had was very difficult and cumbersome to work with. Our pick lists were paper based and the work flows in general were a bit old-fashioned. We therefore went in search of a new ERP system that had to be simple and flexible. We were searching for a system that could transfer the orders directly to the warehouse without any paperwork. At the same time, it had to be possible to update the stock level and the information on the website. Moreover, we wanted to be able to connect the mobile scanners to the ERP system. That was not an option with the old system either.”

“We searched the market for ERP systems. We decided relatively fast that Microsoft Dynamics NAV was the right solution for us as a process manufacturer. After we decided which ERP system we wanted to invest in, we went to search for the right ERP partner. Again, we searched the market, and after having talked to 2-3 different providers it was clear to us that eBECS had experience within production, and that the other providers did not. They helped us through the implementation phase in a very professional and competent way.”

“We had been looking at a couple of other scanner solutions, but the Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was clearly the most sophisticated and especially the most user-friendly solution.”

A Scanner Solution Was a Requirement

“We had, always known that we wanted a scanner solution connected to our new ERP system. eBECS introduced us therefore to the Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS solution. Before that, we had been looking at a couple of other scanner solutions, but the Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was clearly the most sophisticated and especially the most user-friendly solution. In addition to this, eBECS were convinced that Mobile WMS was the right choice.”

“The solution turned out to be easy to implement and especially easy to learn how to use. When we have replacements working in the busy periods, they are capable of independent action in a short amount of time.”

“Another advantage with Mobile WMS is, that it integrates to standard NAV. Our wish has always been to go as standard as possible”.

“Before we had Microsoft NAV and Mobile WMS implemented through eBECS we had different challenges in relation to our future business plans. We had always been a wholesaler and our product was only sold through our distributors. However, a few years ago, we decided to take on the retail market and in connection to that, we launched a website. This meant, that we needed to be able to pick big as well as small orders. This also means, that when you have many small orders, it is important to be able to accumulate these orders and pick them at the same time. The function “Box Pick” gives us that possibility in Mobile WMS.”

A better and more flawless flow

“Another of our challenges with the old system was the number of mistakes in the stock, caused among other things in picking scenarios. With the scanners, we now have far better control over what is being picked and sent out of the warehouse.

The stock level balance is better than ever. In the production, the implementation of NAV and Mobile WMS has also helped in relation to the process stream of raw material. Generally, the new solution has given better and easier workflows for all departments in the company. The orders are sent out faster because of the big efficiency improvement of the processes and in the end, it results in happy customers that get the right items even faster than they are used to.”

The Choice of Hardware

“We chose to buy our hardware for our new WMS through Tasklet Factory because we hereby could get a single-point-of-contact. The choice fell on a scanner from Zebra, model MC9200, and our experiences with this scanner have only been positive.”

“One of the reasons that we chose Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was also because we got the possibility to work offline. We were nervous that our Wi-Fi connection could not cover the entire warehouse and production area. It turned out, however, that the MC9200 scanner picks up our Wi-Fi signal even from big distances. It is generally a very dependable and robust scanner.”

Service and support

“The majority of our support has been through eBECS, and they have always solved our problems. Once we have had the need to get a hold of Tasklet Factory’s support team. That was recently when we had a new scanner added to our existing solution. It went without any problems and with minimal work for me” Steve Davids ends.

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