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Goodbye Manual Warehouse Processes – Hello Best Stock Level Balance Ever

Kent Brushes, a UK-based company, wanted to digitalize its warehouse processes. After implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS to do just that, the company has achieved an optimized workflow, fewer errors in the stock balance, and easier and much more efficient workflows throughout the entire company.


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Kent Brushes Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

Paper-based Picking Lists Made Warehouse Operations Inefficient

Before implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS to their new ERP system, hairbrush manufacturer Kent Brushes conducted warehouse processes the old-fashioned way—using pen and paper.

It took them a long time to process orders because they had to physically pick each one up and then manually enter it into their ERP system. Their goal was to streamline order processing by transferring data directly from the warehouse to the ERP on a handheld device, thereby saving time and money.

In their search for a new warehouse management system solution, Kent Brushes wanted a scanner solution that could integrate into their existing ERP system. They were looking for a user-friendly solution with offline capabilities, making Tasklet Mobile WMS an obvious choice, enabling the company to pursue its goal of going as standard as possible.

Steve Davids, Technical Manager at Kent Brushes, explains:

"We had been looking at a couple of other scanner solutions, but Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was the most sophisticated and especially the most user-friendly solution with direct integration to NAV."

“We had been looking at a couple of other scanner solutions, but Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory was clearly the most sophisticated and especially the most user-friendly solution.”

Easily Implemented and User-friendly Warehouse Management Solution

In a busy warehouse, like Kent Brushes’, it is essential to have an intuitive and simple warehouse management solution to maintain the optimal level of effectiveness in the warehouse processes. And when the company decided on a WMS solution, this was a vital aspect of their considerations stand out from the other solutions that Kent Brushes was considering. Steve Davids highlights that the intuitive interface of Tasklet Mobile WMS has been beneficial in the training of employees:   
"The solution turned out to be easy to implement and especially easy to learn how to use. When we have temporary replacements coming in to work in busy periods, they are capable of operating independently in a short amount of time."

Much Needed Functionality to Run Efficient Warehouse Operations

Before getting Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Tasklet Mobile WMS, Kent Brushes experienced obstacles in their warehouse operations, making it challenging to take on the retail market. One of the challenges became obvious after launching their new website, where the need to pick both large and small orders increased. 

Tasklet Mobile WMS has been an essential part of optimizing that process with functionalities like Tote Picking, allowing the warehouse workers to accumulate many small orders into one pick. This has increased the effectiveness of the picking process and has helped Kent Brushes keep their warehouse running smoothly. Steve Davids shares his excitement for the Tote Picking feature: 
"When you have many small orders, it is important to be able to accumulate these orders and pick them at the same time. The feature Tote Picking gives us that option in Tasklet Mobile WMS." 

"The orders are sent out faster because of the big efficiency improvement of the processes, and in the end, it results in satisfied customers that get the right items even faster than they are used to."

Minimizing Errors, Sending Out Orders Faster and Achieving Best Stock Level Balance Ever

Kent Brushes experienced many stock errors with the previous system, partially caused by the manual picking process. By scanning every item and storing all data in Tasklet Mobile WMS, Kent Brushes now has far better control of which items are picked and sent out of the warehouse, resulting in the best stock level balance the company has ever seen.   

In addition, Tasklet Mobile WMS has also optimized the raw material stream which generally has given more effective and easier workflows. As a result of the significant improvement, orders are now being sent out faster. Davids looks positively at the benefits of the WMS solution, stating:    

"Generally, the new solution has given better and easier workflows for all departments in the company. The orders are sent out faster because of the big efficiency improvement of the processes, and in the end, it results in satisfied customers that get the right items even faster than they are used to." 

Best Suitable Hardware with Ability to Work Offline

Kent Brushes also acquired the hardware for their warehouse operations through Tasklet, giving them a single point of contact. Tasklet provided the necessary guidance to find the hardware that suited their needs –  among other things, the capability of working offline in the warehouse.   

To support their offline needs, Kent Brushes decided on the mobile scanner Zebra MC9200 which has been a positive experience with no Wi-Fi connection problems anywhere in neither the warehouse nor production area.

Steve Davids adds that whenever support has been needed, both ERP partner eBECS and Tasklet have been impeccable:

"The majority of our support has been through eBECS, and they have always solved our problems. We recently had a new scanner added to our existing solution and needed help from Tasklet Factory's support team. This also went without any problems and with minimal work for us."

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Kent Brushes

Kent Brushes is the world's oldest manufacturer of hairbrushes est. in 1777. The company's assortment and sales channels have expanded and changed a lot throughout the years. Most recently, when the company added online selling, Kent Brushes needed an overall solution that could help them in this new phase of their journey. Due to the company's large-scale production, Kent Brushes needs a well-structured and effective warehouse, making a solution like Tasklet Mobile WMS a good fit for the company's warehouse management. 

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