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New WMS Plays an Important Role in Making Growth Goals Into Reality

Hørning Parket needed a way to make their warehouse operations and logistics more efficient, so they turned to Tasklet's Mobile WMS. Now Hørning Parket's warehouse staff can work more efficiently supporting the company’s continuous growth.

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Optimizing Warehouse Logistics

In the last few years, Hørning Parket has experienced rapid growth with an increasing number of orders and expansion of both assortments and clientele.  

With business growing, Logistics Manager Gitte Nørbæk understood that the warehouse logistics for Hørning Parket needed an update to keep up:  

“As business was improving for Hørning Parket, we realized that our warehouse logistics were not ideal, especially processing and handling the increasing number of orders. At one point, our products were located in several warehouses, and it was hard for us to have an overall view of the inventory.” 

The company implemented Tasklet Mobile WMS as a result. Since then, Hørning Parket has experienced overall more efficient warehouse logistics, and handling orders is much easier to go about. 

With the scanning solution, we now register our newly manufactured floors immediately at the packaging line. This ensures that the sales department can always see which items are ready for sale, which means that we can provide an even better service to our customers.

Choosing a User-friendly WMS Solution to Meet Warehousing Needs

In order to streamline their warehouse logistics, Hørning Parket collected all their warehouses in one and implemented their new warehouse management solution. The requirements for the new solution included being user-friendly and meeting Hørning Parket's specific needs. The company also wanted to be able to use an "out of the box" solution, so they wouldn't rely too much on their ERP partner. 

Due to the user-friendliness and functionality of the solution, Tasklet Mobile WMS became the choice for Hørning Parket for managing their future warehouse processes. 

Gitte Nørbæk explains: 

“We knew that we wanted a solution that would meet our current needs in the warehouse and that it at the same time had to be user-friendly. I came across the Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory while searching online. After reading about the solution and watching a demo on YouTube, I was convinced that this was what we wanted at Hørning Parket.”

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Registering Products Immediately at the Packing Line Resulting in Better Customer Service with Real-Time Data

Before implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS, there was uncertainty regarding the stock, which meant that a lot of communication was needed between the warehouse and the sales department.  

Now the warehouse workers register the newly manufactured floors immediately at the packaging line with Tasklet Mobile WMS, making it possible for the sales department to see which items are available for sale in real time. With this information, the sales department can provide an even better service to their customers.  

Gitte Nørbæk highlights the fact that Tasklet Mobile WMS has impacted not only the warehouse but also the rest of the business:  

“It is not just the warehouse that has benefited from implementing the Mobile WMS solution. With the scanning solution, we now register our newly manufactured floors immediately at the packaging line, which means that the sales department can always see which items are ready for sale with real-time data and thus provide an even better service to our customers.”

Hiring Extra Staff in the Warehouse or Could a Technical Solution Be a Better Solution?

From the very beginning of the process of wanting to improve their warehouse management, Hørning Parket knew that to reach their growth goals, they needed to change the setup of their warehouse logistics.
There were several ways to go about this. One possible solution was to hire more people in the warehouse to keep up with the increasing number of incoming orders.  

But another more sustainable solution was to look for a new digital solution that could help their current employees to be more efficient. This option became possible with the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS, and Gitte Nørbæk gives credit to Tasklet when describing the improved efficiency at Hørning Parket: 

“We understood our growth goal required changes in warehouse logistics. One possible solution was to hire more people within the warehouse. Another solution was to look for a technical solution that could help our current employees ensure efficiency supporting our continued growth. It would never have been possible if we had not gotten the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory. It has been a great relief.”

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Hørning Parket Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

The Story About

Hørning Parket

Hørning Parket was established in 1929 and is known for their wood flooring of very high and exclusive quality.

Their customers include several well-known companies such as the airports of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen, Venice, and Amman, The Royal Theater in Copenhagen, National Library of Madrid, ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, The Opera Building in Copenhagen, the Ministry of State in Denmark, and thousands of private homes.

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