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Hørning Parket – Exclusive Quality Flooring

Hørning Parket was established in 1929 and are known for their wood flooring of very high and exclusive quality. Their customers include a number of well-known companies such as The airports of Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bergen, Venice, and Amman, The Royal Theater in Copenhagen, National Library of Madrid, ARoS Art Museum in Aarhus, The Opera Building in Copenhagen, the Ministry of State in Denmark, and thousands of private homes.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



Improved Business Called for Optimization of Warehouse Logistics

After experiencing a few hard years, Hørning Parket yet again began flourishing. This was due to the continuation of Hørning Parket’s own production and the acquisition of the activities in the company Woodfloor. This meant, among other things, that the assortment and the clientele were expanded.

Gitte Nørbæk, Logistics Manager at Hørning Parket says:

"As business was improving for Hørning Parket, we realized that our warehouse logistics were not ideal, especially when it came to the increasing number of orders. At one point our products were located in several warehouses, and it was hard for us to have an overall view of the inventory.”

It would never have been possible if we had not gotten the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory. It has been a great relief.

Choosing a New WMS

In 2015, Hørning Parket decided to move to a new location, and their inventory could now be stored in just one warehouse. At the same time, it was decided to implement a Mobile WMS scanning solution.

“Unfortunately, our former ERP partner could not offer a mobile WMS solution, and we, therefore, had to look for a new partner. Regarding the future scanner solution, we knew that we wanted a solution that would meet our current needs in the warehouse and that it at the same time had to be user-friendly. We also requested an “out of the box” solution, as we did not want to risk being “locked” to the individual ERP partner. If for some reason, complications should arise and the cooperation should not work, we wanted to make sure that another ERP Partner would be able to take over and support the solution“ Gitte Nørbæk explains.

Gitte Nørbæk began investigating the market:

“I came across the Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory whilst searching online. After reading about the solution and watching a demo on YouTube, I was convinced that this was what we wanted at Hørning Parket. Whilst going through Tasklet Factory’s website I found close to 40 different ERP partners to choose from, whom all could install and support the solution.  We chose Nav-Vision to assist us with both the Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution as well as the Mobile WMS scanner solution.”

Implementation Phase

“The implementation of the Mobile WMS solution went well and without any major complications. We had two minor adjustments made, which also went smoothly. On a few occasions, we have had to call the support team at Tasklet Factory, where we each time have been met by very competent employees. They have on every occasion solved our problem rapidly and professionally. Our experience with Tasklet Factory is definitely positive.”

“The biggest challenge we faced was actually inhouse. Getting used to the new work processes turned out to be the biggest hurdle, but even that was solved swiftly.”

Improved Efficiency with help from Mobile WMS

“It is not just the warehouse that has benefited from the implementation of the Mobile WMS solution. In the past, much communication was needed between the warehouse and the sales department due to uncertainty regarding the stock.

With the scanning solution, we now register our newly manufactured floors immediately at the packaging line, which means that the sales department is always able to see which items are ready for sale and thus provide an even better service to our customers.

Back in 2015, we were well aware that our growth goal required changes in warehouse logistics. One possible solution was to hire more people within the warehouse. Another solution was to look for a technical solution that could help our current employees ensure efficiency in continued growth.

It would never have been possible if we had not gotten the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory. It has been a great relief ” Gitte Nørbæk finishes.

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