Boost Your Webshop’s Success! Get Ahead With Mobile WMS

Is Your Warehouse Getting in the Way of Your Online Business Achievements?

Does this scenario sound familiar to you; You manage a webshop, and it runs pretty well. The customer flow is increasing, but you still face several challenges.

Maybe you experience order handling errors again and again? Or maybe you have a high rate of errors in shipments? Perhaps you are not able to pick multiple orders at a time leading to heavy workflows. Or maybe you are just not taking full advantage of your pick/stock routes?

Want to know how to handle these obstacles and how to boost your webshop sales? Read on.

The Goal is Satisfied Customers in Your Webshop – Always!

You may be facing several challenges in your warehouse obstructing your webshop’s success. By choosing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) you can be well on your way to avoiding mistakes like the ones mentioned above.

The right WMS solution can help to ensure that your customers will stay satisfied and return, again and again, rewarding you after experiencing a smooth process from the time they placed their order to the time they received their items. They don’t see what goes in between and they couldn’t care less. But you know that it’s important because you need to be able to handle all the steps in the process between the order placement to the shipment.

Identify Your ERP Needs and Merge Your Inventory and Webshop

First and foremost, it is essential that you choose the ERP system that suits your business needs best. If we take a closer look at Microsoft ERP systems – more specifically Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation / AX, these systems provide a wealth of opportunities in various functional areas bringing together your entire business.

The Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory supports all versions of the ERP systems and covers and connects both your warehouse and your webshop. The solution enables you to share data and make better, data-driven decisions across your entire operation, from receiving an order to picking an order and shipping an order.

Selecting and implementing a Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory helps you work smarter, improving efficiency and visibility across your business processes.

How Can Your Webshop Benefit from a Mobile WMS Solution?

When your Microsoft ERP system is in place, the next step is the implementation of the WMS solution. The benefits of choosing Mobile WMS are visible right away:

Keep in mind that your current list of requirements and needs for a good warehouse Management Solution should not be the only thing that guides your purchasing decision. It is necessary that you also consider what features you will need when your webshop grows or experiences change going forward. Choosing a future-proof WMS solution from Tasklet Factory will help your business grow.

Avoid Downtime with Offline Functionality

As the word indicates a Mobile WMS solution should be user-friendly and accessible from anywhere at any time and have offline functionality. When the handheld device or the scanner does not have any connection to WIFI, your employees will still be able to access key workflows and data to avoid downtime easily.

Perhaps even more important is the ability to enter and store data all in one process. When employees can enter data directly from the field, it reduces the risk of errors that occur when they must collect data in one place and re-enter it into the system later. Recommended hardware for webshops can be found here.

What About Usability?

We understand that user-friendliness is an important feature for your webshop to onboard new staff smoothly. With Mobile WMS new employees can be compliable with the solution and work on their own within hours. Each functional area of the warehouse operates with certain kinds of data while having no use for other kinds. The user interface should be configurable for each user so that only the most relevant information is presented.

Want to Learn More?

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