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VIPP: Online Warehouse Management


VIPP demands as few errors as possible

Ann-Sofie Rex, IT & Ecommerce Manager at VIPP: “When we at VIPP decided to upgrade our ERP solution to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we also decided to include an optimization of our warehouse management. Of course, we examined different providers. The choice fell on ADDvision as they could offer a simple and standardized solution, the Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory.

Focus: 100% trimmed. No error sources.

“VIPP in Denmark is a focal point. As a company, we have a relatively large distribution across Europe and the remote markets, and we also deliver to our warehouse in the United States. We distribute our products though our webshop, our dealers, our contract market and our own physical shop. Our warehouse serves everyone – from the private consumer buying a single pedal bin, to all our dealers across Europe, and distribution to the remote markets.

It is important that the warehouse is 100% trimmed and that there are no error sources.

We run a hardcore LEAN strategy in all areas of the organization, and especially in the warehouse. We do a lot to standardize and streamline all processes – and it is a continuous optimization task that the new warehouse management system helps us with.”

Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS scanning solution streamlines the warehouse and gives better overview and a sharper quality control.

“Of course, we have had a scanning solution before, but not a scanner solution like Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory. The new scanning solution has proven to be efficient at streamlining the workflows in the warehouse. For example, it has given a lot of benefits to our receiving area. We have a strict quality control of the products in the receiving zone, where all new items are inspected before being forwarded to the picking zone. The Mobile WMS scanning solution makes this task much easier. It also means that we have better flexibility and it is easier for us to handle the products in relation to their location physically as well as in the ERP system.

We have not measured the efficiency of the Mobile WMS solution yet, but we can already see the improvement at a somewhat higher volume of our product flow. Even without having to hire more employees and at the same time with a higher quality level. We are tracking in relation to errors and loss, and are proud of our very low error rate of about 1 percent.”

We are people who work together. In the warehouse, at the supplier, everywhere

“A process including: optimization, LEAN strategy, new systems and a new workflow – has been a bit of a psychological upheaval. I compare it with the wear of a relationship, in the process when building or renovating houses together. It is natural that you are both looking forward to changes and at the same time want to have the peace of mind that things are as usual. Therefore, we started the process very early and divided the process in to different phases, so it would be easier to cope with the changes. We are still developing the solution together with ADDvision. We have deliberately not put all features in to actions from the beginning and are instead continuously adding features. This means that my colleagues in the warehouse are really happy and can see how much Mobile WMS makes sense in terms of, for example, eliminating error sources. It also makes it easier for a replacement to step in and help. We do not want return flow in our product flow, we’d rather invest in making it right the first time.

The cooperation with ADDvision has worked well and humanly. We have had our challenges, fights and disagreements. This is a process, and fortunately, they do not agree with all our ideas. The most important thing for me as a customer is also to be challenged by our suppliers, especially on the rethinking of our processes. And I think they are committed.  When we’ve had some critical errors – they’ve prioritized us and have always fixed it. Throughout the implementation process, and afterwards, they have solved the challenges and tasks we have put in front of them satisfactorily.”

Quick Return of Investment (ROI)

ADDvision: “The warehouse / stock ties up a large part of the company’s liquidity. Improving overview and processes with a Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory will reward your company extremely fast. The Return Of Investment is between 6 to 12 months – the effect is noticed from day 1. Many of our customers now present financial reports where profits have grown between 50% and 300% over a few years. This is due to the effect of the optimization of the warehouse processes.”



  • Online Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)
  • Intermec CN51 handheld terminals for the warehouse
  • Zebra barcode printers
  • WIFI in the warehouse
  • Integration to Consignor (shipments & freight labels)
  • Counseling & Support on weekdays
Ann-Sofie Rex

Ann-Sofie Rex

IT & Ecommerce Manager, VIPP

ADDvision has delivered a highly user-friendly Mobile WMS scanning solution from Tasklet Factory. This provides a significantly higher volume of product flow without the need to hire more employees. At the same time, the solution has been the direct reason that we have now reduced our error rate to below 1 percent.