Optimize company inventory management with software and barcode scanners

Choose the right warehouse management system

When the need to optimize its inventory occurs, there are many issues that the company must have uncovered before selecting a new warehouse management system (WMS).

There are numerous WMS solutions on the market and it can often be difficult to find a system that covers all the needs of the company in one solution.

Therefore, our recommendation is that the company should choose a solution from a software vendor who specializes in warehouse and logistics for both choice of WMS software as well as barcode scanners.

Standard solution or tailor-made WMS solution

In addition, the company should decide whether a standard solution is required, usually covering 95-98% of the company’s needs, but which can be customized with the features you may need, or one will go for a tailor-made warehouse management solution. Here, of course, the price is of crucial importance.

At Tasklet Factory we specialize in developing a mobile WMS solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta).

Which environment should hardware be used in?

When the need for a barcode scanning solution should be covered, one should first decide in what environment the handheld scanners should be used. Factors such as moisture, dirt, heat, cooling and explosion environment are all crucial to what hardware we at Tasklet Factory would recommend. Likewise, the company may need to scan at long-distance/short-distance.

Within some industries it is also advisable to work “hands-free”, and here Tasklet Factory offers different models where the barcode scanner is mounted on your arm or finger.

Tasklet Factory exclusively works with leading hardware manufacturers in the barcode scanners market, including Honeywell/Intermec and Zebra/Motorola/Symbol.


lagerstyringsprogram til mange forskellige brancher
vælg den rette stregkodescanner til dit lagerstyringsprogam

Help with hardware manufacturer selection

At Tasklet Factory we have experts who can help you find the barcode scanners that fit your needs. We take pride in advising our customers so they will be helped to make the right choice the first time. At the same time, our customers achieve single-point-of-contact. i.e. they have only one supplier of both software and hardware.

We offer hardware in all price ranges to many different industries including production, process production, retail, healthcare, wholesale, food industry, distribution and logistics.

lagerstyringsprogram med Microsoft styresystem

Microsoft or Android as an operating system?

For many years, Windows Mobile/Embedded Handheld has been the leading operating system for barcode scanners. Today, there is a greater demand for the Android operating system, which has lead Tasklet Factory to further develop their warehouse management system to run on both platforms with Android as the primary target.

Future-proof warehouse and logistics solution

Microsoft has chosen a clear strategy for new versions of Dynamics NAV/AX. Since 2013, Microsoft has launched a new version every year, which means that as a business, you should choose a WMS vendor whose solution is easy to upgrade. The Tasklet Factory warehouse management solution is 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX and it’s easy to customize. We support all versions of NAV / AX as well as a great variety of barcode scanners.

lagerstyringsprogram med Android styresytem
vores lagerstyringsprogram understøtter offline funktionalitet

Online / Offline functionality

Another important parameter the company should consider before selecting warehouse management software is whether the company’s WI-FI covers all necessary areas such as warehouse and production. Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory can run 100% offline, i.e., you can use your warehouse management system whether you work in a warehouse with poor WI-FI coverage, for example in buildings with concrete, basement, freezing compartment, cold storage usage, storage with metal and the like.

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