Optimize company inventory management with a warehouse management system and barcode scanners

Choose the right warehouse management system

Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS is a software application for Microsoft Dynamics ERP-Systems Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/ AX. But what is WMS, and what does the three letters stand for?

WMS stands for Warehouse Management System and is designed to support every work process in a warehouse, including: receive, put away, pick, count, move, adjust quantity etc.

A warehouse management system is developed specially for inventory management and is in most cases an addition to your ERP-System.

Today the warehouse plays a more central part in the company because of increased competition, and with that, the demand for a WMS-System has naturally increased. Likewise, the global e-commerce also contributes to businesses becoming more expense oriented.

What to choose?

The choice often lies between choosing a standard WMS-System or a custom-made WMS-System. With us there is no doubt. You should choose a standard system where it makes sense, but at the same time make sure that that the standard system you choose can be adapted (customized to a certain extent). You can do that with Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS barcode scanning solution.

This makes sense if you take the strategy that Microsoft have chosen into consideration. They have since 2013 upgraded their ERP solution with a new version every year. Therefore, it is central to easily be able to upgrade your WMS system equivalent, without notable costs and trouble.


Basis functions versus custom-made functions?

Fundamentally a warehouse management system should contain the most basic functions for handling the products in the warehouse. In addition to this our experience is that many companies often have a wish to modify the WMS solution. Exactly this is possible with Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory. We give our partners/customers access to our E-learning portal, where we have made short videos in which we show how modifications can be made in the solution.



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Big or small warehouse?

We’re often asked if it pays off to invest in a warehouse management system if you only are few employees in the warehouse. To this we have ascertained, that regardless of size, there will always be a profit in acquiring a warehouse management system. Just the profit from going away from paper is both cost-saving moneywise, but also environmentally. To this come the advantages that come with satisfied customers. There is nothing worse than sending a wrong product to a customer. Not just the expense that comes with it, but indeed also the risk of losing the customer. Many of our partners offer to make a ROI (Return-Of-Investment) analysis, and most end with a ROI on maximum 6-12 months.


The total costs by investing in a WMS solution

There are countless suppliers of WMS systems. Therefore, it can be difficult to obtain a complete offer incl. all expenses. Some of the expenses that can be hard to see through are typically the installation cost. At Tasklet Factory we offer a fixed price on the installation of Mobile WMS, on a total of 16 hours (dependent of ERP version). On older versions of NAV/AX 4 hours will be added. When we can offer an installation time in a maximum of 2 days, it is because our solution integrates directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central/ NAV or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/ AX. Therefore, we do not infiltrate your ERP system.


The integration between ERP and WMS

One of the biggest issues when choosing a WMS system is, that the integration to the surrounding systems and processes are optimal. Here we recommend that you choose a WMS system that integrates until the standard functions are in your ERP system. The ERP system should be the central system (also called back-end) where your WMS (also called front-end) should be the system that gathers and delivers data back and forth to the ERP system. Here the user-friendliness plays a big part. We talk about the look-feel experience for the user. At Tasklet Factory we have put a big part of our development into the graphic user interface. We have furthermore ensured that it can be configurated in proportion to the individual user.

Voice-Picking or Hands-Free?

Working with WMS you often encounter the need for Voice-Picking or Hands-Free Operation. Here you should check the market thoroughly and be very specific about your needs. In our experience the need for hands free operations is bigger than the need to pick by sound. For this purpose, there is a lot of hands-free-set-ups, that are used on a large scale by our customers. The most important thing is to clarify your needs, and that it is done very exact.


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Many heavy lifts and a need for external screens on trucks?

We often see that our customers have a need to scan their products directly from the truck they are working from. For this, there is both short-distance and long-distance scanners. But in addition to this we also have customers that have a need for bigger screens to see their data on. Tasklet Factory have a lot of customers that use Mobile WMS to connect their scanners to their external screens. This is however not our key competence, but this is where your distributers play a part. We gladly advise you about how our customers do this with Mobile WMS handheld scanners today, and we have both medium-sized and bigger customers that run with this set-up.

Help with hardware manufacturer selection

At Tasklet Factory we also offer to deliver the hardware. We collaborate with the biggest hardware manufacturers on the market. As a customer this also means, that you can get guidance to find the hardware that fits just your needs. In addition to this you get a single-point-of-contact. This means that you only need one supplier that takes the responsibility for both the software and the hardware delivery.

We offer hardware in all price ranges to many different industries including production, process production, retail, healthcare, wholesale, food industry, distribution and logistics.

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Microsoft or Android as an operating system?

We recommend that you choose devices with the operating system Android. We do this partly because it is a system requirement to our software, but definitely also because we can see that the acknowledged manufacturers also have decided to go with this operating system.

The biggest selection among the leading manufacturers today is also the operating system Google Android. The operating system has already passed the operating system Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, which Microsoft has given an “end-of-life” date in 2020. That is also one of the reasons why we recommend that you choose to go with Android.

Our solution runs on both Android and Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld.

Future-proof warehouse and logistics solution

Microsoft has chosen a clear strategy for new versions of Dynamics NAV/AX. Since 2013, Microsoft has launched a new version every year, which means that as a business, you should choose a WMS vendor whose solution is easy to upgrade. The Tasklet Factory warehouse management solution is 100% integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX and it’s easy to customize. We support all versions of NAV / AX as well as a great variety of barcode scanners.

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Online / Offline functionality

Another important parameter the company should consider before selecting warehouse management software is whether the company’s WI-FI covers all necessary areas such as warehouse and production. Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory can run 100% offline, i.e., you can use your warehouse management system whether you work in a warehouse with poor WI-FI coverage, for example in buildings with concrete, basement, freezing compartment, cold storage usage, storage with metal and the like.


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