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Smedbo – Full Control of the Warehouse With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Mobile WMS

Smedbo develops and markets leading equipment for bathrooms and decorative fittings under the brands Smedbo and Beslagsboden. Located in Helsingborg, Sweden, Smedbo is the Scandinavian market leader and distributes the products in 40 countries.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV



Different Systems for Inventory and Warehouse Management

Previously Smedbo worked with two different systems for keeping track of inventory and warehouse management. It often happened that updates were delayed in parts of the systems which resulted in lack of control of the inventory. “The warehouse is a significant part of our balance sheet and something we obviously want to have complete control of” says Magnus Åhlin, CFO Smedbo.

At the first reporting period after the implementation, the auditors sample inventory matched 100%. It has never happened before. A proof that we now have full control of our inventory and our inventory management

Requirement: The Warehouse Staff Must Be Able to Handle All Processes From a Mobile Computer

Smedbo wanted to get full control of its inventory, but not at the expense of heavier and more cumbersome handling. Handling flow should not take longer than it already did in the current situation and Smedbo also had a requirement that warehouse staff should handle everything on the mobile computer.

The solution should give full control, minimize picking errors, be more efficient and easy to deal with, and finally be a solution that already exists. Smedbo did not want to start from scratch and add several years to develop their own solution.

Mobile WMS Ensures Stable Delivery and Gets Several Orders Through at the Same Time

Smedbo implemented advanced inventory management with controlled put-away and picking with the Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory. It is quick to install and flows are easy to adapt to different needs. Full article registration validated with a built-in barcode scanner that prevents the user from making mistakes.

“From the very first demo of Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS, we felt that this was something for us. It was a modern and stylish interface and with features that no other similar solution had”.

The Result

For Smedbo, the Mobile WMS solution has resulted in complete control of every 100,000 articles that are in stock. Warehouse staff can manage the entire workflow via the mobile computer and get more orders per time unit with an even more reliable delivery than before.

“At the first reporting period after the implementation, the auditors inventory sample matched 100%. It has never happened before. A proof that we now have full control of our inventory and our inventory management,” Magnus Åhlin, CFO, Smedbo says.

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