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100,000 Inventory Articles Are Now Fully Tracked in the Warehouse

Swedish distributor of bathroom equipment and decorative fittings, Smedbo, lacked control of their inventory due to the use of two different systems for tracking inventory and managing the warehouse. With Tasklet Mobile WMS, the company has a single system for inventory and warehouse management that has created efficient workflows fully controlled from a mobile computer.


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Smedbo Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

Only One System Needed to Track Inventory and Warehouse Management

Before implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS, Smedbo worked with two separate systems for tracking inventory and managing the warehouse. Updates were delayed in different parts of the systems, resulting in a lack of inventory control—a situation calling for change.  

The new mobile warehouse management system has given Smedbo full control of the 100,000 items in its inventory stock. With location information on every item and the ability to automatically update item status on a handheld device, Smedbo can easily keep track of item locations, ensuring full control of the warehouse. 

Magnus Åhlin, CFO at Smedbo, says the company has reached a new level of inventory control: 

“At the first reporting period after the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS, the auditors inventory sample matched 100%. It has never happened before. A proof that we now have full control of our inventory and inventory management.”

At the first reporting period after the implementation, the auditors sample inventory matched 100%. It has never happened before. A proof that we now have full control of our inventory and our inventory management.

Warehouse Staff Can Handle All Processes from a Mobile Computer

One of the major requirements for choosing a new warehouse management system was that warehouse staff should be able to handle the entire process from a mobile computer. In addition, the company didn’t want to start from scratch and use several years on developing their own solution. 

Tasklet’s Mobile WMS made sense because it provided a streamlined solution that met both requirements. The handling flow can now be managed entirely from mobile computers without the process being more cumbersome. 

Magnus Åhlin adds that he was interested in the solution from the first time he saw it: 

“From the very first demo of Tasklet Factory Mobile WMS, we felt that this was something for us. It was a modern and stylish interface and with features that no other similar solution had.”

Ensuring Stable Delivery and Handling Several Orders Simultaneously with Tasklet Mobile WMS

Another benefit to using Tasklet Mobile WMS is the increase in order processing speeds and reliability, as well as a more consistent delivery. This was made possible by implementing advanced inventory management with controlled put-away and picking in Tasklet Mobile WMS. 
Smedbo installed the solution quickly and easily adapted flows depending on the needs. To prevent users from making errors, an article registration was added with a barcode scanner. This resulted in a stable delivery of correct items, which adds great value to Smedbo.

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Smedbo develops and markets leading bathroom and decorative fittings under the brands Smedbo and Beslagsboden. The company is located in Helsingborg, Sweden, and is considered to be the Scandinavian market leader. Smedbo's comprehensive distribution model requires an efficient way to track inventory to make sure that customers receive products that meet their specifications every time.

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