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Budweg Caliper – Production of Brake Calipers

Budweg Caliper A/S is known worldwide as a leading supplier of braking calipers in the free aftermarket. With 40 years of experience and great skills in the development and restoration of brake calipers, they have proven through centuries that they provide uncompromising quality, which is reflected by their good reputation in the business. Due to a restructured warehouse, the company experienced an increased need for more efficient warehouse management.




MS Dynamics 365 BC/NAV




Bredana A/S

Warehouse Operations - a Major Key to Success

Budweg products are developed, manufactured, and restored in one of Europe’s most modern factories – located in central Denmark. With more than 4000 calipers in their assortment, covering almost all European, Japanese, and Korean cars, they have the widest range of brake calipers in Europe.

When reorganizing their warehouse from finished to semi-finished products, Budweg knew that they had a need for a more efficient warehouse.

Budweg Caliper chose to explore the market themselves, to find the available WMS solutions. Afterward, they contacted their former ERP partner, who recommended Tasklet Factory, who was their strategic collaborator in WMS solutions. A physical meeting was set up with their ERP partner and Marianne Berg Eisenhardt (Tasklet Factory). The goal was to present the Mobile WMS solution to the project group at Budweg Caliper, to answer the many questions about functions in NAV, and to see how Mobile WMS integrate with NAV.

Bo Becker Edal, foreman at Budweg Caliper:

“Compared to the other solutions we had seen, Tasklet Factory presented a good solution to us, and in collaboration with our ERP partner, we were ready to get started.”

The implementation of the solution has resulted in increased efficiency in pick orders, by both increasing the number of picks and reducing the number of errors in our shipments.

User-Friendly and Rugged WMS

Some of the most important aspects for Budweg Caliper when choosing WMS was a stable and user-friendly solution, while it also had to be rugged to withstand everyday life in the warehouse. Budweg, therefore, chose to buy their hardware through Tasklet Factory, and they chose the bestseller from Honeywell, CN51.

Increased Number of Picks Yet Fewer Errors With Mobile WMS

What did the implementation of Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory mean for Budweg Caliper?

Bo Becker Edal, foreman at Budweg Caliper explains: “The implementation of the WMS solution has resulted in increased efficiency in pick orders, by both increasing the number of picks and reducing the number of errors in our shipments.”

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