Best Zebra Printers for WMS

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Label Printer for Your Warehouse

Trigger Your Label Prints Directly From Your Mobile Device 

There’s no doubt about it. The best-running warehouses around the world use barcodes to boost their efficiency. They register, track, and collect data about the items they receive, put away, move, count, pick, pack, and ship on a mobile barcode scanner simply by scanning barcoded goods and bins.  

Empowered by Tasklet Mobile WMS manual and obsolete processes like paper-based warehouse data registration is left behind. In return, errors are drastically reduced, and efficiency is boosted in the warehouse. 

Obviously, accessible barcode labels on items, racks, pallets, boxes, and other warehouse essentials are vital in keeping a smooth warehouse operation running. As a result, warehouse workers are often seen rushing back and forth between goods, the old dusty PC, and busy printers to collect labels.  

However, moving to a PC to trigger a label print or typing data back into the ERP system is a classic and unnecessary warehouse time-suck. The good news is that Tasklet embraces label printing playing perfectly in concert with mobile data collection.   

We have eliminated the need to leave your goods on the floor to go to a PC and order a label print. With Tasklet Cloud Print you simply trigger your label prints directly from your mobile device. The same device you use for collecting data by barcode scanning, that is. All you need is Tasklet Mobile WMS for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system – and the right Zebra label printer. 

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The Right Printer for Mobile WMS

Zebra Printers – the Kings and Queens of the Savanna are Coming to Your Warehouse

There is no match to Zebra Technologies when it comes to label printing. At Tasklet we pick our hardware partners with great care, and we have a long track record of successful projects together with the Zebra.  

Tasklet Mobile WMS runs perfectly with Zebra barcode scanners like TC21/TC26, TC52/TC57, or MC3300x – all great for collecting warehouse data and triggering label prints on the move. 

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To make sure that you get a fast and reliable print solution, we have developed Tasklet Cloud Print specifically for a collection of hand-picked Zebra printers*.  

  • ZQ320: Compact mobile printer designed for all-day comfort and one-handed operation
  • ZQ511/ZQ521: Mobile printers with exceptional durability and reliability 
  • ZD421 (4-inch): Ultra-fast, ultra-easy-to-use 4-inch desktop printer with high-quality printing 
  • ZT411: Rugged and high-performing industrial printer made for durability and easy access  

We know from experience that Zebra printers are super easy to work with, maintain, and use. And with the Zebra Printer Setup Utility app wireless setup is easier than ever before. No wonder Zebra printers are the most widely used printers in warehouses around the globe. 

8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Label Printer for Your Warehouse 

Our recommended label printers covers the needs of almost every warehouse. Some of the printers can even be configured to fit your scenario in terms of connectivity, resolution, and printing method. Still, there are some important things for you to consider, when choosing your label printer. We have gathered a list of 8 questions that can help you narrow down your label printer needs:

  1. Mobility: Do you want to print on the move, or will a stationary printer do?
    Mobile printers optimize your warehouse processes but come with some limitations in terms of label durability and quality as well as print volume.

  2. Print volume: How many labels are you printing each day?
    Industrial printers are the way to go if you print thousands of labels each day but lack the process optimizing benefits of mobile printers. 

  3. Connectivity: Do you want to connect your printers via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ethernet, or both?
    Make sure you are able to print at all times.

  4. Resolution: Do you prefer printing speed or print quality?
    Print faster with 203 DPI or print enhanced quality with 300 DPI.

  5. Printing method: Are durable labels a must or is simplicity of the essence?
    Thermal transfer creates durable and lasting labels, while direct thermal is more simple to use and maintain.

  6. Environment: Should your printer - or labels - be able to endure a harsh environment?
    Industrial printers and thermal transfer labels are fit for the most challenging environments while mobile printers and direct thermal offer simplicity and efficiency on the go. 

  7. Label size and durability: Do you have special needs when it comes to label size and quality?
    Labels come in varying sizes and qualities.

  8. Price: What is your budget?
    Shape, size, and functionality differ – so does price level. 

Reach out to us to make sure you get the right hardware for your warehouse solution 

 Printing Labels with Mobile WMS

Print on the Go 

Tasklet Mobile WMS enables you to handle all warehouse-related data registrations on the move using a mobile computer. For example, by scanning or tapping, you easily confirm the type, quantity, lot numbers, and serial numbers of the goods you receive in your warehouse. And with a few scans, you have updated the whereabouts of the goods, so they are easily found for later use. All data is uploaded in real-time into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. 

But maybe you occasionally receive an item with a broken or missing barcode. In that case, you probably need to go to a PC to trigger a print of a new label. With Cloud Print from Tasklet, you can activate the label print directly from your mobile barcode scanner. And if you choose a mobile printer – ZQ320, ZQ511, or ZQ521 – you can even receive the label on the spot.  

The ZQ511 and ZQ521 printers come with a high-capacity battery that is made to last a full shift and enter sleep mode when not in use. The printers are compact and can be carried by hand, belt, or shoulder strap. And with their military-grade design, they are rugged enough for the most hectic warehouses.  

Adding Labels to the Items in Your Warehouse

Long Live the Labels? 

A mobile printer is a great way to reduce time wasted on picking up labels from a stationary printer. But there can be perfectly good reasons to use desktop or industrial printers in your warehouse. For example, if you: 

  • need labels that keep their crisp looks for more than 9 months 
  • work in harsh environments testing label durability 
  • print thousands of labels every day 

Mobile printers generally use a printing method called direct thermal. Direct thermal printers do not rely on ribbons, toner, or ink making them easy to operate and keeping maintenance costs low. Many desktop and industrial printers, on the other hand, are using the printing method thermal transfer enabling them to produce high-quality and fade-resistant labels at the cost of a little more complexity in terms of maintenance. 

Both kinds of thermal label printers are designed to print with tight tolerances and generate precise bar widths making them excellent for barcode printing. 

Easy for us to say. But what does it mean? Let’s look to Zebra’s resource library for an explanation of the two thermal printing methods: 

“There are two thermal printing methods: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Each method uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being marked. Direct thermal printing uses chemically treated, heat-sensitive media that blackens when it passes under the thermal printhead, while thermal transfer printing uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials.” 

The key takeaway here is that you can handle your end-to-end warehouse processes with Tasklet Mobile WMS and Cloud Print. Ask yourself the 8 questions above to help you to narrow down your specific needs – and feel free to loop us in if you need sparring on your warehouse label printing.  

At Tasklet we will be more than happy to guide you in your choice of Zebra printer to boost efficiency in your warehouse - book a meeting here!

Keep Track of Your Shipments With a Printed License Plate*

One of the cool things about using barcodes in your warehouse is that you can keep track of your goods as they move around your locations. And by introducing the concept of outbound license plates, Tasklet Mobile WMS even makes it possible to track your shipments all the way to the receiving part.

License plates are unique IDs for a specific set of items. They are created in the picking process directly on the mobile device and registered in Business Central. In practice, a license plate is typically a box, a pallet, or a wagon with a barcode label attached. With a Zebra printer and Tasklet Cloud Print license plate, label prints can easily be triggered from the barcode scanner.

* License Plates are a part of the Tasklet Pack & Ship feature - only available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Why Do We Call Ourselves Experts?  

At Tasklet, we test hardware, so you don’t have to. All barcode scanners and printers on our website are tested with and approved for our Tasklet Mobile WMS application. Our designated team of developers runs all kinds of tests on the devices to ensure that software and hardware play in concert before approving them for use. This ensures you can take your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central warehouse digital and mobile without worrying about losing any data. Also, when going offline!