News Update

Tasklet Factory Welcomes 25% More Colleagues and Invests in New HQ Office Space

January 5th, 2023.

We've Moved!

Tasklet finished 2022 with a big, exciting change. After continuing to experience growth, 2022 has been a year of investing massively in ourselves. This has meant welcoming new talent, increasing our number of colleagues by 25% over the past year. Because of this, we have physically grown out of our previous HQ office and have found a larger place with room enough to fit all of us and then some.

Putting people first and investing in ourselves during a challenging time globally

Despite inflation and financial uncertainty worldwide, Tasklet Factory has grown steadily the past year, experiencing a continued demand from the market.

As we continue to expand, we've recently upgraded our workspace. We're thrilled to announce that, as of December 16th, 2022, we have moved into our new larger headquarters with more than double the space to use and demonstrate our solution in action and develop it further.

On the decision to invest heavily in ourselves, CEO of Tasklet Factory, Peter List explains:

“Being able to offer our employees a comfortable and efficient work environment is a high priority for me. I want people to want to come into the office and this requires that we offer something more than just a place to sit. The heart of the new office is a lounge area with a coffee shop where people can create their own barista beverages and enjoy them together with good colleagues.” 

Peter List, CEO, Tasklet Factory

Besides the professional coffee shop setup, the new office offers a game room, plenty of meeting rooms, inspiring collaborative workspaces, and our very own warehouse to function as a showroom where we can perform live demos. 

“The larger office gives us the possibility to create a fully functional warehouse area, where we can use our own Mobile WMS solution to manage the inventory. It is a perfect training environment for new colleagues and a place to perform usability tests of new features. The house robot, a MiR200, will also play an important role in bringing out supplies from the warehouse to the people who need them. All done from the Mobile WMS app, of course”, Peter concludes.

Another successful fiscal year 21/22 laid the foundation

All of this would not be possible if we did not have a viable yearly financial result.

To support the growth, we have experienced at Tasklet, we welcomed Tina Rysgaard Vennevold as Chief Financial Officer back in September. And another successful fiscal year helped lay the groundwork for future success. Tina elaborates:

“The strong performance of Tasklet Factory has continued in the fiscal year 2021/22. The result reflects the investment in the organization by bringing in new talent and will enable us to scale the business going forward.”

Tina Rysgaard Vennevold, CFO, Tasklet Factory

And on what is to come in 2023 for Tasklet, Tina concludes:

“This fiscal year, we continue to invest in employees, starting by moving to our new spacious headquarters, which creates an innovative working environment. Furthermore, we are going optimize internal processes and systems preparing us for the “future Tasklet”.