Tasklet Factory Delivers Record Results

October 26, 2021

The software company, Tasklet Factory, experiences rapid growth on a global scale. Their core product is Mobile WMS, a mobile warehouse scanning solution, which is now in use by more than 1,000 companies in 36 countries. At the same time, the company is setting entirely new standards for customer service, which has resulted in revenue growth of 30 percent over the past 12 months.

Tasklet Factory has growing international success with its mobile warehouse scanning solution Mobile WMS, which digitizes work processes in the warehouse of medium-sized and large companies. The software company is doing well. In the recent fiscal year, the company's turnover was around DKK 49 million, which corresponds to a growth of 30 percent.

"Mobile WMS' value proposition is very aligned with the priority many organizations have right now to digitize warehouse processes. Often, we experience companies in, for instance, the USA, still use pen and paper and physical lists as the backbone of their warehouse operations and warehouse management setup. We can change that with a modern solution that works. A solution that can easily, and quickly, digitize workflows and increase efficiency significantly," Peter List, CEO & Founder, explains and continues:

"However, it is not only our solution that differs from the competition. Our greatest strength is our customer focus and our ability to support our customers' journey".

Tasklet CEO Peter List
Peter List, CEO,Tasklet Factory

Peter List founded the company in 2008, and today Mobile WMS is sold via approx. 250 partners in 36 countries. The Tasklet Factory headquarter is in Aalborg, Denmark; however, an increasing part of the activities take place from the company's branch office in Florida, which currently employs 6 out of a total of 40 employees:

"We have managed to grow relatively quickly, and today our solution is in use by more than 1,000 companies globally. The rapid growth has been made possible by a large partner network in Europe, the USA, and Asia, and every month new partners sign up to make Mobile WMS a part of their solution portfolio", Peter List continues.

He adds that the corona crisis has not harmed the company's growth. Throughout the years, Tasklet Factory has been able to service customers virtually via video and remote control. This way of working has given an advantage during a time with restrictions and travel bans. At the same time, Tasklet Factory has experienced an increasing demand from industries such as e-commerce, food services, and others.

Profits to Be Reinvested in The Future

The company's bottom line has grown in parallel with the revenue. In the recent fiscal year, earnings have more than doubled to just over DKK 10 million, but for Peter List, this is not a goal in itself. The focus is developing the core product Mobile WMS, upscaling the organization, and exploring new business areas. One of them is robots, and here Tasklet Factory has entered into a collaboration with Mobile Industrial Robots, MIR, to develop automated warehouse solutions for the future.

Over time, Tasklet Factory also plans to open yet another new office. Here, the needle is already set in Australia, as this will help Tasklet Factory serve customers within the three major global time zones:

"We can provide customers with an even better service if our support can be open almost around the clock. We can do that with offices in Europe, the USA, and Oceania, and I, therefore, expect that we will start planning next year to open our Australia office", he concludes.

Easy Warehouse Counting with Mobile WMS

Tasklet Factory's warehouse scanner solution, Mobile WMS, is used by more than 1,000 customers in 36 countries. The solution integrates directly into the ERP systems with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/SCM/AX and BC/NAV. It excels with its ease of use and ability to optimize and streamline workflows in the warehouse.