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New Exciting Features from Mobile WMS version 3.8 released to AX2012 and Dynamics 365 FO

Attach Images

Throughout the Mobile WMS application, you can attach images to records in AX. It is very helpful to use the camera of the mobile scanner to document what you see and then store it in AX using the standard document management framework. E.g., you receive some goods in a box that has been dented. So, you can capture a few photos of the dented box and store the photos right away on the purchase order line. Then someone else can easily see the photos and take the necessary actions

Post-Flow Editor

From the AX client, you can define new steps during posting, such as capturing a signature from a chauffeur. This can be done without any coding.  

E.g., you have picked items, and you want to document the packing of items during the outbound process. So, you will add an extra step in the posting process to ask for photos that can be used to document what you have packed just before it leaves the outbound area.  

On the mobile scanner, you will pick the required items, and once you are done, you can post the registrations. This update adds an extra step which requires you to take some photos of the packaging. Once the photos have been captured, your registrations and photos will be updated on the sales order or the picking list. 

Attach Image From The Device

Why not use the camera on the mobile scanner to make item images support a more secure picking process? Now it is possible to capture an image with the camera on the mobile scanner and use it as an item image.

License Plates in Mobile WMS 

In AX2012 R3, you can use License Plates together with standard WMS I. You don’t need to use warehouse management (WAX) in order to benefit from the use of license plates in your warehouse.  

Working with license plates can make your warehouse processes easier, e.g., when you want to move several items that are located in the same location on the same pallet. Simply move the license plate to the new location, and you are done. Everything on the license plate gets moved right away. 

Wildcard Search

Use * in lookups to make a broader search. E.g., searching in multiple locations at the same time.