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Strandmøllen uses Mobile WMS to control gas delivery

Full knowledge about deliveries at product level

Strandmøllen supplies some of Europe’s cleanest gasses for demanding customers within the manufacturing industry and the health care sector. The products are distributed in gas bottles and Strandmøllen handles delivery and collection to 40 resellers, but also directly to customers. Product quality, high service and reliable distribution are some of the keywords for the company which was recently met by increasing customer requirements for documentation of the bottles’ locations.

For customers within the health care sector this meant that hospitals wanted to have knowledge about the exact number of gas bottles at their premises, but also wanted full information about the expiry date of each bottle. Besides this Strandmøllen had an internal requirement for having full traceability of the different production series.

Faced with this challenge Strandmøllen started looking for extension products to Microsoft Dynamics AX, but they soon discovered that there were no ideal products covering all requirements. Together with Tasklet Factory they decided to go for a mobile solution where all delivered and returned gas bottles are scanned with mobile devices that communicate directly with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

“We found that the communication engine between the mobile devices and the ERP system was really strong in Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solution and it was clear that this would make a good foundation for the necessary modifications needed” explains Morten Olsen, IT Manager at Strandmøllen. “Furthermore, it was key for us that the solution is easy to use and intuitive”. The first test of the system also showed that users found that the system was very user-friendly which was much appreciated. When a large number of bottles are scanned separately it is clear that it will mean an additional amount of work so focus was to make this happen as easy and quickly as possible. It was equally important that the customers received the system well.

A combination of WiFi and 3G-connection

“The system is unusual as it uses a combination of WiFi and 3G depending on availability” explains Tasklet Factory’s CEO, Peter List.  As an example WiFi is used at production sites whereas 3G connection is used at the resellers and customers where there is no WiFi coverage.  Furthermore, Strandmøllen has made it easy for resellers to adapt the system by supplying a complete package which is ready to use. This package consists of the pre configured mobile device and a SIM card.

Better supply security

Strandmøllen has great expectations to the system that besides providing full overview of all gas bottles’ locations increases the supply security. “As each gas bottle is scanned electronically we know for sure that the customer will get exactly the ordered products. Registering manually opens for human errors, but a scanner does not make mistakes. Especially the supply security is paramount for us” concludes Morten Olsen.

Morten Olsen

Morten Olsen

IT Manager, Strandmøllen

“Strandmøllen has more than 90 years of experience in producing and supplying gasses for industry, artisans and the health sector. Strandmøllen is a growth company and is among the 5 largest providers of gasses in Denmark. Strandmøllen employs 130 staff and addresses all of Scandinavia.