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Mobile WMS helps with live information about production and warehouse processes

About Andromeda Group:

Andromeda Group is the fastest growing group of companies in the Mediterranean Aquaculture industry, with activity across Europe and with worldwide export power as well. We cover all the live cycle of the fishes we produce. Starting from the brood stock care, eggs collection, fry production, fish grow out, harvesting, packaging and selling. We also produce VAP (Value Added Products) like fillet, gutted and frozen products.

Your needs

In 2013 Andromeda decided to invest in a new version of our ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV), expanding its use to the production and ware-house area, looking for an increase efficiency in our production and warehouse processes. A mobile WMS solution that covered both, production and warehouse, was required to achieve this goal.

The issues

Prior to the Mobile WMS implementation, we had some big issues for tracking all the products produced and sold. Now we have complete traceability at box level. Another big challenge before implementing a WMS solution was to get an accurate figure for material consumptions and, therefore, production costs. After the Mobile WMS implementation our accuracy in cost management has been increased.

Why Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solution?

Our external consultant from Greece knew about Tasklet solution. We had web meeting and a demo from Tasklet factory and decided, after evaluating some other tools, to implement it.

Your choice

We are a complex company in a complex industry. Flexibility to adapt the toll to our needs was a key factor. The fact that the Tasklet solution is included and developed inside NAV helped us to maintain the systems homogenized.

Which requirements did you have for the mobile solution?

We needed a flexible solution, capable of managing production and warehouse processes. Which departments have benefited from implementing the Tasklet Factory solution? (could be better business processes, increase in the productivity, etc.)

  • Production and Warehouse: better control, higher efficiency
  • Quality: Higher traceability
  • Sales and Purchases: Live information about production and warehouse processes
  • Accounting: More accurate information

Have you achieved concrete and measurable improvements from the solution? 

Yes the solution has result in fewer errors in production and in our shipping. Furthermore we have accurate and faster information for sales and purchases about available stock.

Are there any future plans for expanding the solution?

Yes, to our farms in order to receive the goods into their warehouses.

Complete solution

It was important for us to achieve single-point-of-contact, so we listened to Tasklet Factory’s recommendations about which devices meet our needs. We have 2 different types (Intermec/Honeywell & Zebra/Motorola) devices.

Jose Vicente Ruiz

IT Manager

“The fact that Tasklet solution is included and developed inside NAV helped us to maintain the systems homogenized.”.