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Scanning Every Item in the Warehouse Secures Control and Accuracy

Andromeda, a complex company in a complex industry, needs maximum control and accurate information in all warehouse operations. With Tasklet Mobile WMS, Andromeda has gained complete traceability and control of all production and warehouse processes, as well as faster and more accurate information flow in all departments of the company.

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Due to the complexity of the company and industry, Andromeda lacked full control of warehouse processes.

They were looking to expand on their set up for the production and warehouse area to be more efficient.

Difficult to track produced and sold items.

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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Mobile WMS by Tasklet.

With the Tasklet solution, they can scan all items for a better overview and to track items efficiently.

Flexibility to adapt the solution to exactly their needs.

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An increase in accuracy of cost management.

Accurate and fast information flow. Streamlined communication among key departments – not just production and warehouse.

Fewer mistakes during production and shipment.

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Getting Complete Traceability of Produced and Sold Products with Tasklet Mobile WMS

When Andromeda decided to invest in a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, they wanted to expand their setup to the production and warehouse areas in order to achieve their goal of improved efficiency in both areas. For this goal to become a reality, a mobile WMS solution that covered both production and warehouse was required.

Some of the issues they previously had experienced were related to tracking both produced and sold products. Andromeda was also looking for a solution to give them more accurate figures on material consumption and production costs.

After implementing Tasklet Mobile WMS, Andromeda has gained complete traceability of the products at box level, resulting in increased accuracy in their cost management.

José Vicente Ruiz, IT Manager at Andromeda, explains what led them to choose Tasklet Mobile WMS after evaluating other solutions:

“Our external consultant from Greece knew about the Tasklet solution. We had a web meeting and a demo of Mobile WMS from Tasklet Factory and decided, after evaluating some other tools, to implement it. We have achieved measurable results after implementing Mobile WMS.”

“We now have accurate and faster information for sales and purchases about available stock.”
Jose Vicente Ruiz, IT Manager, Andromeda
"The fact that Tasklet solution is included and developed inside NAV helped us to maintain the systems homogenized."

WMS Integrating Directly into NAV, Providing Adaptability to Fit Warehouse Needs

Due to the complexity of both Andromeda as a company, as well as their industry, an important requirement for their new WMS solution was the ability to adapt the solution to their specific needs. With Tasklet Mobile WMS, they got a solution that integrates directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which results in a high level of flexibility, making it a good fit for a company like Andromeda.

José Vicente Ruiz highlights this flexibility when asked why Tasklet Mobile WMS was their preferred choice:

“We are a complex company in a complex industry. Flexibility to adapt the tool to our needs was a key factor. The fact that the Tasklet solution is included and developed inside NAV helped us to maintain the systems homogenized.”

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Running a Warehouse Operation with Better Control, Traceability, Real-Time Data and Accurate Information Flow

With the implementation of Tasklet Mobile WMS to manage their production and warehouse processes, Andromeda has experienced a higher level of control of their warehouse operations.

This control facilitates a more accurate and faster information flow within all departments of the company. That includes:

  • The quality department, where better traceability is a key factor 
    The accounting department that receives more accurate information at a faster pace 
  • The sales and purchasing department that is now getting information in real-time about all production and warehouse processes.

This way, Tasklet Mobile WMS has provided benefits that go much further in the company than in just the primary department of the production and warehouse areas.

The importance of these benefits is pointed out by José Vicente Ruiz, who is planning on expanding the solution further:

“We now have accurate and faster information for sales and purchases about available stock. Looking ahead, we expect to expand the solution to our farms in order to receive the goods into their warehouses.”

Improved Efficiency Resulting in Fewer Errors in Production and Shipping

The need for improved efficiency in both production and warehouse processes was the main reason for implementing a new Mobile WMS solution for Andromeda. Implementing Tasklet’s solution has helped the company achieve this, providing complete traceability of products, among other benefits.

Another benefit that Andromeda has experienced is a significant reduction in production and shipping errors. This reduction comes from the increased level of control that Andromeda has achieved by scanning every item in the warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS.

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Andromeda Group Optimizes their Warehouse with Mobile WMS

The Story About


Andromeda Group is a fast-growing group of companies in the Mediterranean Aquaculture industry with activities across Europe and worldwide export as well. The company covers the entire life cycle of the fish they breed.

In 2013, Andromeda chose to invest in a new version of their ERP – Microsoft Dynamics NAV – in order to expand their setup to their production and warehouse areas to improve efficiency of the processes in these areas.

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