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Mobile WMS in Process Manufacturing

Process manufactures are often faced with different challenges compared with traditional manufactures that focus on the bill-of-materials and yielded output. They often find themselves in a completely different environment that requires specific production tools. An example of this are mobile computers that are designed for usage in hazardous environments meeting regulatory certifications such as ATEX.

Tasklet Factory’s customers in the process manufacturing industries range from organizations in hazardous gas, chemical and oil industries over food and beverage manufactures to plastics manufactures. They all have in common that they use Mobile WMS for optimizing warehouse processes with Mobile WMS using features such as batch tracking, inventory and order tracking and optimized picking.

What our customers say about Mobile WMS

“New functionality was added to Mobile WMS in just a few days; the return on our investment was secured in less than a month and has resulted in considerable ongoing efficiency gains”

Brian Martin

Director, Brett Martin LTD

References from the process manufacturing industry