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Warum Mobile WMS für

Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV &

Dynamics 365 for Operations / Dynamics AX wählen?

Offline Funktionalität

Die Kernarbeitsprozesse können ohne eine Netzwerk-Verbindung durchgeführt werden. Das Ergebnis ist eine stabile Lösung mit einer großartigen Leistungsfähigkeit.

Standard Dynamics

Mobile WMS ist zu 100% in den Standard von Microsoft Dynamics 365BC / NAV & 365FO / AX integriert. Es werden alle Versionen unterstützt.

In 2 Tagen installiert

Mobile WMS für Microsoft Dynamics 365BC / NAV & 365FO / AX ist eine schlüsselfertige Lösung, die in wenigen Tagen einsatzbereit ist und funktioniert.

Einfach anzupassen

Die Standardfunktionalität deckt die Anforderungen der meisten Unternehmen ab, aber manchmal benötigt ein spezieller Arbeitsprozess eine spezielle Lösung. All modifications are made in Dynamics 365BC / NAV & 365FO / AX.


Mobile WMSwurde mit dem Fokus auf eine Verringerung von “Klick” und irrelevanten Informationen entwickelt. Die Benutzer werden den Gebrauch des mobilen Geräts mit einem minimalen Zeitaufwand erlernen und meistern.

Die Mobile WMS Lösung

Was ist Mobile WMS?

Bei Tasklet Factory entwickeln wir die Mobile WMS-Lösung. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Barcodescanner-Lösung für Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics 365BC / NAV & 365FO / AX, die in die Standard-Funktionalität des ERP-Systems integriert ist und den Mitarbeitern des Lagers erlaubt, online als auch offline Aufträge zu bearbeiten.

Wie es funktioniert

Die Mobile WMS-Anwendung wird per Hand-Scanner betrieben und ist direkt, ohne jegliches zwischengeschaltetes System, mit Ihrem ERP-System verbunden. Es handelt sich um eine schlüsselfertige Lösung, die in wenigen Tagen einsatzbereit ist und funktioniert.

Die Vorteile

Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, die Arbeitsprozesse unserer Kunden zu optimieren und mit der Bereitstellung der besten Lösungen auf dem Markt einen Wert zu schaffen. Ihre Mitarbeiter im Lager werden produktiver und die Lagerdaten präziser.

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What does WMS stand for?

WMS stands for warehouse management system. You may also find the term mobile WMS, which is when the WMS system is handled on mobile devices. The Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory runs as an app on Android or Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) devices and integrates directly to the ERP systems Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV or Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation/AX.

What is WMS software?

WMS is a system designed to manage and support all work processes in a warehouse from receiving items and putting them away to pick and shipment and provides real-time information on stock and storage space. Warehouse management systems are primarily intended to increase efficiency and optimize warehouse processes, and thereby reduce costs in the supply chain.

When talking about WMS solutions, they usually consist of two components, the software that is the actual application and the hardware, such as barcode scanners.

Here at Tasklet Factory we can provide both the software and hardware, as we are hardware resellers from both Honeywell/Intermec and Zebra/Motorola. The devices we sell have all been tested with our Mobile WMS solution, and can be used in different environments such as freezing compartments, cooling compartments, dirty environments etc. We can also provide long range scanners, short range scanners and a hands-free solution, for example with a tablet that communicates with a scanner via Bluetooth.

Who uses WMS?

WMS solutions can be used by many different industries. Our Mobile WMS solution is right now used in discrete manufacturing, distribution service, food service, healthcare, process manufacturing, retail and wholesale. A WMS solution is for everyone that wants to optimize their warehouse processes.

A fast-growing industry is retail where online stores and ecommerce are growing fast. But whether you are selling goods from brick and mortar stores, online stores or a combination, automating your business processes with Mobile WMS will increase the efficiency. This includes sales order management, stock replenishment and warehouse management.

How does WMS work?

Our Mobile WMS solution runs on Android or WEH devices. WEH has been given an end-of-life date in 2020 by Microsoft why we highly suggest that you choose an Android solution.

The Mobile WMS solution contains all the basic functions for handling products in the warehouse and integrates to the standard functions in the ERP systems Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/ Dynamics AX.

A warehouse management system can both track products and manufacturing resources and gives the warehouse worker an overview of exactly where products are at different times in the warehouse, to secure the most efficient and optimized process possible.

To make sure the Mobile WMS solution is the right one for you, the standard solution we sell is highly customizable. That means that we can adapt and customize the solution to a certain extent to make sure you get a solution that has been tested thoroughly but also fits to exactly your needs.

When implementing Mobile WMS our experience is, that it is best to start simple. We therefore recommend that you let the users master the basics features at first before you start working with the more advanced ones, because implementing a new technology can be a big change. That is also why we have worked hard to minimize clicks in the Mobile WMS solution and make it as user-friendly as possible.


The ERP system should always be your central system, also called back-end system, and the WMS the front-end system that gathers and sends information back and forth to the ERP system.

The WMS is used to optimize inventory based on real-time information. Also, a WMS is often a standalone system. This also applies to Mobile WMS that integrates to the ERP systems Dynamics 365 Business Central/ Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations/ Dynamics AX. An ERP system, contrary to the WMS solution, automates processes across all departments in an organization.

Was unsere Kunden über Mobile WMS sagen

“I really can’t imagine running a fast-paced operations facility without this system” 

James Herwatt

CEO, Cork Supply US

“…communication between the mobile devices and Microsoft Dynamics AX is really strong in Tasklet Factory’s solution”

Morten Olsen

IT Manager, Strandmøllen

“We have reduced the number of staff we planned to hire because of the efficiencies gained”

Grant Brimhall

Director IT, Liberty Mountain

“New functionality was added to Mobile WMS in just a few days; the return on our investment was secured in less than a month and has resulted in considerable ongoing efficiency gains”

Brian Martin

Director, Brett Martin LTD

    “Mobile WMS has significantly improved efficiency and precision in our inbound operations. The software is easy to customize and Tasklet Factory deliver their product with speed and competence”

    Tanya Kjær

    Finance Manager, The Iconic

    “Savings from consolidating stock alone amounts to almost £2 million”

    Ursula Ward

    Chief Executive, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust

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