FO/AX release april 2021

Take More Control of Your Mobile WMS Solution

- Latest Release of Mobile WMS for Microsoft Dynamics FO/AX Takes the User Experience to New Heights

With this release, we allow our customers to take more control over the Mobile WMS solution. The new release includes:

  • Manufacturing Execution – time and attendance
  • Easy configuration
  • Cloud Print version 2

Mobile WMS Now Supports Manufacturing Execution – Time and Attendance

Manufacturing Execution in Dynamics 365 FO/AX, previously called Shop Floor Control, is now supported from Mobile WMS. When you release jobs to your production orders, you can make registrations to capture your time usage on a job. In Manufacturing Execution, you have options to complete registrations in:

  • Production Jobs
  • Indirect Activities
  • Project Jobs
  • Clock-In/Clock-Out
  • Take a Break

All of the features above are indeed an advantage for the production operations. Having mobile devices available to make registrations, you do not have to have a terminal/pc close to the process. The mobile devices make it easy to keep the focus on the main task, namely the operations.

Easy Configuration Directly From Your ERP System

Our out of box features are vast, versatile and covers lots of requirement from our customers. At Tasklet Factory, we always aim to understand our customer’s needs before installing the solution. However, the conditions might change over time. Even though our customers with Mobile WMS have a powerful tool at their fingertips, it can be more helpful to see these options from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 FO/AX.

We have made it easier to configure Mobile WMS directly from 365 FO/AX without code changes with the latest release:

  • Receiving, picking, and counting registrationsEnable quantity – A barcode can contain an amount, which can be helpful in some scenarios.

  • Quantity by scan – If a barcode has, e.g., an amount of 10 pcs. Each scan is counting +10 to your registration. In this way, you skip the step of confirming the quantity.

  • Receive posting
    Posting a purchase order requires a product receipt. It is now possible to automate this out of the box without coding, meaning you can skip this step on the mobile device to make the registration process even more efficient.

Get Access to Advanced Printing Options

With our printing solution, we are solving connecting a local printer to the Microsoft Cloud. Cloud print allows you to print labels to your inventory or warehouse using the mobile device to communicate directly to the printer. It is a simple and effective setup to do cloud printing.

With Print 2.0, the Tasklet Cloud Printing solution allows customers to design and edit their custom labels in a browser-based label designer. Each customer will get their own “data area” (tenant) in our cloud print server.

Furthermore, it is possible to view the resulting label on the mobile device itself, and make a quick test of the printer, to see if the setup works:

  • Customers will experience at simplification of the label design process.
  • Customers will have complete control over their labels.