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8 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Barcode Scanners for Your Warehouse

Which Mobile Computer Should I Choose for Warehouse Management With Tasklet Mobile WMS? Let Our Experts Guide You!

Choosing Tasklet Mobile WMS means going digital and mobile in your warehouse. It also means that you can leave pen and paper – and all the errors happening on that account – behind. Using a mobile barcode scanner, you no longer need to run back and forth between racks, pallets, boxes, and PCs to handle items and type data into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system. Instead, you simply collect your warehousing data – quantities, bin placements, LOT numbers, etc. – for every process from receiving to picking and shipping while you are on the move. Even when you are offline.

At Tasklet we collect customer successes, and therefore we insist to work with the very best within the field of handheld barcode scanners – or mobile computers as the devices also go by. One of our oldest and most trusted partners is Honeywell. The American technology company excels within powerful and rugged yet easy-to-handle devices like the CT-, CK-, and EDA-series, perfectly fitted for your warehouse environment.

Honeywell Scanners for Your Warehouse Management

More than 1000 Tasklet customers around the globe are reducing errors and optimizing processes in their warehouse with Tasklet Mobile WMS today. Many of these with trusted Honeywell scanning devices in their hands. This is very much due to Honeywell offering a wide variety of models that come in several versions and can be used for different purposes. For example, these Tasklet hardware bestsellers:

  • The rugged and fast scanning allrounder CT60 XP with a best-in-class total cost of ownership
  • The configurable CK65 with ultra-ruggedness and the ability to be used in cold storage
  • The Granit scanner is connected to external displays like RT10 which is perfect for forklift or truck use

As a company looking to use a barcode scanner solution in your warehouse, this means that you have the possibility to find a Honeywell device that suits your specific needs. And choosing the right rugged handheld scanner is essential to getting a great return on your investment and lowering your overall cost of ownership.

8 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Barcode Scanners for Your Warehouse 

Tasklet hardware experts are always ready to guide you in your choice of handheld barcode scanners. Below we have outlined the most important factors for you to consider when you explore your mobile scanning needs: 

  • Scanning range: Are all your barcodes within arm’s length or do you need long-range scanning?  
  • Ruggedness: How serious a drop should your device be able to survive?  
  • IP-rating and temperature: Does the device need to withstand a wet, dusty or cold environment? 
  • Wearable: Getting your hands free is possible but adds a bit of complexity to the hardware setup. 
  • Wi-Fi coverage: Do you need a SIM card or does your current Wi-Fi get you covered. 
  • Camera: Do you need documentation of received or shipped items? 
  • Form factor: Do you prefer touchscreen, need a keyboard, prioritize low-weight or a big screen?  
  • Total Cost of Ownership: Scanner devices come in different shapes, sizes, and price levels. 

Tasklet Offers a One-Stop-Shop and Dedicated Support Setting up Hardware 

Tasklet Mobile WMS is all about reducing complexity for companies with physical items at the core. This applies to our solution but also to doing business with us. As a longtime reseller of mobile scanners, we are putting our hardware expertise at your disposal, providing the opportunity to purchase both software and hardware for your Mobile WMS solution directly from us. The one-stop-shop option makes it simple and easy for you to keep an overview of your investment.  

Likewise, our extensive experience in the mobile arena – including a long history of successful projects with Honeywell – means that we can deliver the support and sparring you need when you take your warehouse digital. We are always here to support you and your Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner, and we are fortunate to have quick and direct access to Honeywell technicians all over the globe. 


Why Do We Call Ourselves Experts?  

At Tasklet we test hardware, so you don’t have to. All barcode scanners on our website are tested with and approved for our Tasklet Mobile WMS application. Our designated team of developers runs all kinds of tests on the devices to make sure that software and hardware play in concert before approving them for use. This is to make sure that you can take your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central warehouse digital and mobile in without worrying about losing any data. Also, when going offline!

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