Here at Tasklet Factory we are active on some of the most popular social media platforms. That means that you can easily stay updated on the latest news from us. We made it easy for you to find our social media profiles by putting links to them just below. No excuse not to follow us now. Our profiles are:

YouTube to watch videos of our Mobile WMS Solution

  • On our YouTube channel we are uploading videos on the different features the Mobile WMS solution provides. And just in general videos we think can help you in the use of the solution.

Twitter to get the latest news and other updates

  • Twitter is our platform for all kinds of news we think could be of interest to you. It could be us going to a conference, a new video on YouTube or just a tweet that caught our eyes.

LinkedIn for corporate news and announcements

  • On LinkedIn we post most of our corporate news and announcements, together with the latest news. So go follow us if you want to know what is happening in our company.

Facebook for a behind-the-scenes view on Tasklet Factory (in Danish)

  • Our Facebook profile is driven in Danish and mostly used for news from the Danish office.


  • Subscribe to our news letter and receive a collection of news and updates 3-4 times a year


  • On our blog we will post articles and updates if you want to know more about Tasklet Factory and mobile warehouse management

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