Tasklet Factory


You can find answers to your support-related questions in our FAQ below.
If you need to contact Support, please use our Service Desk to create a ticket.

Note: Please expect a slower response time from December 23rd to January 2nd,
both days included, due to the Christmas Holidays. Thanks for understanding.

Need Help?

You can access Tasklet Service Desk here

You can get help logging in here.

Please send your email to support@taskletfactory.com to request access.

Please send your email to sales@taskletfactory.com to request access. If you already have access you can log in here.

If you have a critical problem that requires urgent attention you can reach us via
our emergency phone: +45 7233 2030. It is also possible to escalate a Service Desk support case by sending an email to support@taskeletfactory.com.

IMPORTANT: Remember to note your Service Desk case number in your email.

You can find contact information for our sales team here or send us an email at sales@taskletfactory.com or call us on +45 7233 2000.