Move All Items in a Bin With the Feature Bulk Move in Mobile WMS


The need to move items in the warehouse is often an essential requirement. Mobile WMS makes it possible to perform different types of movement. Paper-based inventory movement is often the culprit for errors and frustrations in businesses. In case you, by mistake, have moved an item to the wrong bin in the warehouse, it will be difficult for you to find the item when you need it.  

Move with Mobile WMS Supports: 

  • reducing errors that are based on moving items in the warehouse 
  • performing a planned move of itemsfor instance replenishing the picked inventory with items from the buffer stock 
  • freeing up physical bins to make room for other items 
  • preparation for receiving 
  • enabling the opportunity to perform unplanned moves of items instantaneously
  • moving all items from one bin to another in one step 

Mobile WMS allows three different types of item movements: 

Planned Move of Items in the Warehouse 

Planned Move is typically used to replenish pick inventories from buffer inventories. Imagine that you have a large delivery of items coming in, and you need to free up a physical location in the warehouse for these items. With the Planned Move-feature, you can plan ahead of time to prepare the receipt of those items. The results of this planning will significantly ease your team’s work processes in the Receive and Put-Away procedures. Planned Move requires the process to be initiated in your financial system.  

Unplanned Move of Items in the Warehouse 

Unplanned Move is utilized when the warehouse employee needs to move items instantaneously. This could be to consolidate items into one binor to relocate fast-moving inventory, or seasonal stock, to a bin that is more aligned to the picking route, and thereby eliminate excessive steps and save time. An Unplanned Move does not require any preparation in your financial system. It can be performed ad-hoc and in real-time.  

In case you have run out of a certain item in your pick-inventory, the warehouse employee can easily, quickly, and independently move an item from the buffer stock to the picking inventory.  

Bulk Move 

Bulk Move is the third move feature. With this feature, you can move all items from one bin to another bin in single step. The advantage this feature provides is that you, with one scan of a bin, can move all the items at once, without having to scan every single item in the bin. This is quick, effective, and saves time and money. A Bulk Move also does not require any preparations in your financial system. The procedure is performed ad-hoc and in real-time.  

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