Tasklet Factory Defies Corona Crisis with Triple-Digit Growth in the US

August 27, 2020

Mobile WMS Growth in the North American Market - Tasklet Factory is Increasingly Capturing Market Share

In the early days of what has become the Corona crisis, the Danish-founded company Tasklet Factory reported increased growth, as well as a relocation of their Tampa, FL, US office to a new and larger facility. This came at a time when the world did not yet know how severe the crisis would become and the profound impact it would have on all fronts, especially in the United States. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way. The crisis has not had any bearing on Tasklet Factory Inc. as they were able to capture a triple-digit growth.

Two years ago, Tasklet Factory Inc. opened its doors in North America. Since then, both the organization and the business have grown and developed tremendously. The company quickly gained a strong hold in both the US and Canada, and the future strategy to capture increasingly more market share was set. Then COVID-19 came along and turned the world upside down forcing Tasklet Factory to rethink and adapt to a new strategy quickly.

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, Denmark was ahead of the United States, both in terms of virus spread and a nationwide shutdown. It quickly became clear that companies, to survive, would have to be ready for change and at the same time prioritize efficiency and optimization of their businesses, not least their warehouse management. CEO of Tasklet Factory Inc., Marianne Berg Eisenhardt, explains:

“We could see how countries one by one closed down, and people were sent home. That knowledge gave us an advantage in the North American market and became valuable to us in terms of laying out the right strategy for our US operation. Our product, Mobile WMS, is already one of the leading warehouse scanner solutions and is, therefore, an important piece of our customers’ digitalization journey as well as an important link in their ability to adapt their businesses to the new reality following the crisis”.

Marianne Berg Eisenhardt, CEO, Tasklet Factory Inc.

Marianne Berg Eisenhardt, CEO, Tasklet Factory Inc.

That strategy has turned out to be just right. Tasklet Factory Inc. has experienced triple-digit growth in sold licenses in the recent fiscal year and has increased its staff on both the technological and commercial parts of the business.

Mathias Pejstrup, Vice President of Sales at Tasklet Factory Inc. does not doubt as to why the company is experiencing an increased demand despite the crisis:

“Every cloud has a silver lining, and against all odds, when COVID-19 initially hit the world, we were able to turn the crisis into the growth of our business. Thanks to a dedicated and hard-working team, combined with a great solution, we have managed to create amazing results”, he concludes and elaborates:

>“Our solution focuses on efficiency and has a fast ROI for our customers. Mobile WMS enables our customers to scale their businesses according to market demands. And it is clear, perhaps now more than ever before, that companies need to keep track of their warehouse and inventory and ensure that their processes are agile, scalable, and efficient. We offer a solution that meets those demands, can be up and running in just 2 days, and at the same time, is installed remotely - which is a great advantage in relation to COVID-19 restrictions with social distancing. This way, we can provide customers with a smooth transition to this new, shared reality. So, putting that into perspective, Corona has not become an obstacle to our growth, quite the contrary”.

Mathias Pejstrup, Vice President of Sales, Tasklet Factory Inc.

Mathias Pejstrup, Vice President of Sales, Tasklet Factory Inc.