IMG_1584Tasklet Factory uses Xamarin as the development platform for our mobile solution. It provides us with an edge towards being able to comply with the demands of our customers and new devices provided by the hardware vendors, in any of the major mobile operating systems.

Last week the mobile development team from Tasklet Factory attended the Xamarin Evolve conference, to stay on top of the new features and best practices of the platform. The team also got a chance to meet some of the pioneers of the platform, and feel their enthusiasm about Xamarin. A feeling that is also present in the community.

The take from the event was extremely useful, both regarding concrete usages of specific types of functionality, but also in a more overall manor. One of the major things the team were interested in hearing about, was how Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin would affect the future. In this matter they assured, that the integration between Visual Studio and Xamarin will continue to grow, and that the Xamarin University will prevail even stronger.

Finally, yet importantly, our team talked to some interesting companies from the software, and the hardware side of our business. Companies we will definitely reach out to in the near future.

Thanks to Xamarin for an awesome conference.

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