FAQ – Mobile WMS by Tasklet Factory

Which mobile operating system is the best choice - Android or Windows Embedded Handheld?

The decision about if you should go with a mobile device with Android or Windows Embedded handheld ( WEH) operating systems is not difficult. Microsoft has allready set a date for end of life at the operating system Windows Embedded Handheld, and therefore we recommend to choose an Android device.

The Mobile WMS solution from Tasklet Factory is fully supported with the elderly WEH devices, so no need to worry.

Which competences is required in order to implement your Mobile WMS solution?

Every function available in our Mobile WMS solution originates from Dynamics 365FO/AX and Dynamics 365BC/NAV. Therefor it only requires ERP skills and knowledge about XML to implement our WMS solution.

Which elements do we need to take into consideration when we are about to choose mobile devices?

There are quite a lot of manufacturers of mobile devices at the market. Therefor it can be difficult to chose which configurations to go for and which configurations that fulfill the company’s needs. At Tasklet Factory we have specialized into the mobile devices from Honeywell/Intermec and Zebra/Motorola. These are the leading manufacturers on the market.

Buying mobile devices is a long term relationship as the scanners typically have a life span of 3-5 years. Therefore we recommend to invest some time in finding the best suitable device according to your needs. Below are some issues to consider:

Physical hardware keyboard
At Tasklet Factory we recommend a device with a physical hardware keyboard. The vast majority of information is collected using barcodes, but then comes the number entry. Although an on-screen keyboard can be used, it is much easier with physical buttons.

“Imager” in stead of a laser scanner
An imager is a camera optimized for reading barcodes. It runs fast and cannot be compared to what you know from your mobile phone. The advantage of an imager is that it can read both 1D and 2D barcodes. The laser scanner can only read 1D barcodes.

The 2D barcodes allow you to store more information in the same barcode, so the number of scans can typically be reduced if you choose to use 2D barcodes.


Contact our sales department for advice and guidance on mobile device selection or read our blog post about warehouse scanning.

Is it possible to make customizations for your Mobile WMS solution and what does it require? And what does it require?

Even though Mobile MWS solution is designed to work with the standard features in Dynamics 365BC/NAV and Dynamics 365FO/AX, we know that some of our customers need customizations. We have made it easy to adjust our Mobile WMS solution, so it can be customized to fit your work processes.

The screens and data collection processes are managed from Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX, which makes it easy for any Dynamics NAV / AX developer to customize the solution.

Feel free to contact us if you wish a demo of our customizations possibilities in our WMS solution.

How long does it take to implement your Mobile WMS solution?

A normal standard installation of Mobile WMS in Dynamics 365BC/NAV or Dynamics 365FO/AX takes 16 hours. The implementation is always a fixed price. The result is that the mobile devices in your test and production environment will be up and running. All work is done through remote control to your server and through remote control of your Mobile devices.

How many mobile devices can be connected to your Mobile WMS solution?

Tasklet Factory’s Mobile WMS solution is extremely scalable and it can be used in large as well as small projects – from one device up to several hundreds users.

The Scalability comes from our off-line features and due to this the mobile devices does not have to communicate with the server all the time. It gives a more stable operation and smaller strain on your servers.

How do we get support?

We offer support through our  online service desk. From here there is access  directly for developers and technicians.

We have the possibility to remote control the mobile devices through SOTI MobiControl (device management system) no matter where the devices are placed in the world.

Is it possible to use your Mobile WMS solution on Apple devices?

No, we have chosen to offer our WMS solution for the operating systems that can be applied on the rugged devices that are normally used at a Warehouse. These are Android and Windows Embedded Handheld. The solution is build with the Xamarin platform, which makes it possible to offer an IOS version if needed.

Tasklet Factory does not recommend to use cell phones at a Warehouse, due to the fact that they are not rugged enough.

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